How to manage diabetes in children

Parents have an inherent desire to protect their children from harm. Even with their best interests at heart, there are constant reminders that they cannot always cushion their children in life. This is the case when a child is diagnosed with a disease such as diabetes. There are mixed feelings; mostly shock, and worry from both the parents and child. Here are three things you can do as a parent to manage pediatric diabetes.


The first step towards the care of the diabetic child is counseling. It takes the help of a good counselor to convince the child that they can handle the disease with a good diet and proper medication. It is often easier with younger children who might not understand the complexity of the situation. Regardless of their age, remind your child that you are there for them and that everything will be okay.

Right diet

The good diet plan goes a long way in diabetes management. It is important to note what foods are good and what foods to avoid for your child’s condition. See a nutritionist to get a well-informed opinion on what foods to serve your child.

Proper medication

You should ensure that the child takes his medication (Actos or Sovaldi) at the appropriate times and does not miss doses. While doing this, remember that you want your child to lead a healthy life so talk about other non-diabetes issues as well. Have the child involved in their routine activities such as games and camping as any other child.

Handling diabetes in children can be overwhelming but with the right care and diet, it is manageable. Children are able to go back to their normal childhood, and parents can take care of them as they would other children. With patience and diligence, diabetes management is not as hard as it seems.