Low metabolism and severe complications including hypothyroidism occur during hormone deficit of the thyroid gland. Adults may not feel the symptoms of hypothyroidism but if you have the first signs of this disease, you should pay attention to Synthroid.


What is Synthroid?

Synthroid is a medical product of the new generation which is used for the treatment of diseases caused by the dysfunction of thyroid gland. It contains the active ingredient levothyroxine sodium.


Medicines synthesized from the thyroid gland of animals used to treat hypothyroidism. They cause side effects and costed a lot.


The modern medicine Synthroid is synthesized from the human thyroid gland, and therefore it does not cause dangerous side effects and is well tolerated. Synthroid contains a lot of hormones of thyroid gland and fulfills their deficit. As a result, the load to the thyroid gland is reduced, and it is reduced by size, and the signs of hypothyroidism are lowered.


The use of Synthroid for the prophylaxis of hypothyroidism will help to avoid the development of the tumor of the thyroid gland and stop the pathological processes such as metabolism disorder.


Indications for the use of Synthroid

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    • Hypothyroidism of different genesis
    • Deficiency of thyroid hormones
    • Benign goiter
    • Thyroid cancer


Who is contraindicated to take Synthroid?

Synthroid is a synthetic analogue of hormones which are produced in the human body, and therefore it can be taken by all people. But during some pathological dysfunctions, Synthroid should be taken with high caution, otherwise it can cause the side effects.


A patient should be careful in case of the adrenal cortex failure, severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, and complete hypofunction of the thyroid gland.


Before buying Synthroid, it is needed to consult a doctor and have a medical examination in order to eliminate complications.


How to take Synthroid?

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    • To restore the functions of the thyroid gland, adults are recommended to take Synthroid in the minimal dose of 50-100 mcg per day
    • The dose of Synthroid is gradually increased for adults and kept at a level of 150-300 mcg per day depending on the intensity of the hypothyroidism symptoms.



Children are prescribed an individual dose of Synthroid because the dosage regimen depends on the age of a child, body weight, type of hypothyroidism, and severity of the dysfunctions of the thyroid gland.


The optimal dose of Synthroid for children is 25-100 mcg per day.


Synthroid is used within a long time, regularly controlling and fixing the results of the treatment and changes which happen in the thyroid gland.


Probable side effects

Using Synthroid, a patient has to be ready for the development of the side effects within 2-3 weeks: muscle pain, fatigue, weight loss, spasms, digestion disorder, sleepiness, and headache.


In case of the further use of Synthroid, the side effects are reduced and completely pass.


Buy Synthroid online

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