Confido is a combined vegetable drug which is indicated to improve male sexual health. The drug has only natural ingredients which regulate metabolic processes, improve the production of the male sexual hormones, and enhance an erectile function.


As Confido enhances a production of testosterone, it does not contain synthetic (pharmacological) male sexual hormones. The action happens only due to the natural booster of testosterone Tribulus terrestris in Confido which improves the work of the hormonal glands in the male body.


Confido also contains Orchis mascula, Astercantha longifolia, Lactuca scariola, Mucuna pruriens, Suvarnavang, Rauwolfia serpentine, Argyreia speciosa, Leptadenia reticulate, Parmelia perlate.


Confido has unique characteristics to restrain ejaculation during the premature ejaculation. The ingredients have a positive influence on the functions of the central nervous system, reduce anxiety, help to cope with stress. Due to this, a man may relax during the sexual intercourse and concentrate on getting pleasant sensations. It reduces an arousal of spinal sexual centers, so that a process of ejaculation is slowed.


Confido also enhances a sensitivity threshold which are responsible for ejaculation. But it does not influence on the sensitivity of the nerve endings in the head of the penis, and therefore it does not affect receiving the satisfaction.


Confido may be used during different sexual dysfunctions in men:


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  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lowered potency due to the reduction of testosterone level
  • Age-dependent worsening of the sexual function
  • Night emission and a quick erection even during light sexual arousal
  • Spermatorrhea



In what dose is Confido used?

Confido is used not as a medicine but as a product to enhance sexual function. Therefore every man may use Confido once per year to enhance a sexual health. It is recommended to take a capsule of Confido 2 times per day within 4-5 weeks. Then, it is necessary to take a break for a month and repeat a therapeutic course.


In case of the apparent disorders of the sexual function, it is possible to do 3-4 cycles within 4-5 weeks. A month break is required to take a rest and launch a mechanism of the recovery. The pills of Confido may be used both before and after meals, and with a full glass of water.



Confido does not contain narcotic, hormonal ingredients, ethyl alcohol, and other synthetic elements. Therefore, this drug is allowed for the use by all men. It does not affect the functions of the cardiovascular system and driving.


It is contraindicated to take Confido only if a man has allergy to any ingredient in the pills.


Side effects

Confido does not cause side effects because it consists of completely natural ingredients and is safe for the body.


Buy Confido online

You may buy Confido online in any country, all year round. Of course, you may look for this medicine in the pharmacies of your city but you will not probably find it. Confido is for sale only in specialized Ayurvedic shops and it is quickly sold out.


To buy Confido online, you do not have to waste your time and stand in lines. Confido online is always available, and you will spend just 5-7 minutes to place an order for the shipment of Confido online to your house.