Emotional stress will lead to severe depression, sooner or later. As the practice shows, only some people can defeat depression without drugs. But if you need a good and safe antidepressant, you can set your heart on Cymbalta.


Product description

Cymbalta is an antidepressant of the new generation which contains an active ingredient Duloxetine. It has been approved by FDA and is considered as one of the most effective and safest medicines for the treatment of the depression on the pharmaceutical market.


Cymbalta is a balanced and strong serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor. It enhances amount of serotonin and noradrenaline in the neurons of the brain and central nervous system, and restores a balance between these neurotransmitters. Due to this, it is possible to arrest the symptoms of the depressive disorder as well as a mild pain syndrome. This medicine enhances painful threshold in people with chronic neuropathic pain which often appears as a result of the prolonged depression.


The therapeutic effect of Cymbalta depends on the daily dose and sensitivity to Duloxetine. The antidepressive effect is usually felt in 1-2 weeks of the treatment. A stable reduction of the depression symptoms appears in 1-2 months of taking Cymbalta.


Usage and doses

Cymbalta is used in the treatment of the depression of the different severity and origin. The antidepressant works well for patients whose depression is accompanied by the chronic pain syndrome of the locomotor system.


Cymbalta should be used strictly according to the instructions, following a recommended dosage regimen. The treatment of the depression begins with the minimal daily dose of Cymbalta 60 mg per day.


A therapeutic reaction can be expected within 2 weeks. If there are no results of the treatment in 3-4 weeks and the depression symptoms are increased, the dose of Cymbalta is increased up to 120 mg per day. In case of the chronic painful syndrome, the dose of Cymbalta is also 60 to 120 mg per day depending on the intensity of the symptoms.


Avoid a sudden cessation of the therapy.


Contraindications for the use

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  • Age under 18 years
  • Pregnancy
  • Glaucoma
  • fructose intolerance
  • Liver failure
  • Uncontrolled hypertension


Medical interaction

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  • MAO inhibitors are not used with Cymbalta because their interaction enhances a risk of the serotonin side effects. The interval between the use of these antidepressants should be at least 14 days
  • Be careful during the use of Cymbalta with other drugs and products influencing on the central nervous system
  • Do not consume alcohol during the use of the antidepressant
  • Cymbalta can cause an increased bleeding during the simultaneous use with anticoagulants.


Side effects

In general, Cymbalta is well tolerated. The side effects of the antidepressant are little, and according to the results of the medical studies, the therapeutic doses of Cymbalta seldom cause the side effects.

The following side effects have been often met in the medical studies: nausea, dry mouth, decreased appetite, weight change, sleepiness, fatigue.

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