Gasex is the safest drug for the improvement of digestion. If you go to a pharmacy, a pharmacist will probably offer expensive synthetic analogue that has many side effects. This medicine may not work for you well.



Gasex is ayurvedic medicine produced in India and prescribed to improve digestion and reduce flatulency (bloating).


This product is of vegetable origin which improves a gastric transit in the organs of the gastro-intestinal tract. This is a natural stimulant of the digestion that increases a digestibility of all groups of food by means of the increased secretion of bile and digestive enzymes. The drug does not contain any digestive enzymes. It stimulates natural physiological processes and therefore it does not cause a reduction of the main function in the gastro-intestinal tract during a long-term treatment.


Pharmacological drugs containing synthetic digestive enzymes sooner or later cause reduced functions of the gastro-intestinal tract. A human has a bad digestion without any additional additives and problems with it. The use of Gasex does not cause any side effects.


Gasex increases the uptake of vitamins, dietary minerals, has an antiflatulent spasmolytic action, reduces the acidity of the gastric acid, prevents excessive gas, bloating, removes negative feelings and severity after eating. A regular use of the drug helps to regulate the work of the gastro-intestinal tract, and improve skin and general health.


The action of the drug is gradually developed. The digestion improvement may be noticed in a couple of days after the started use of the pills. But an intensive effect appears only in 1-2 weeks of the treatment. The effect is kept only during a regular use of the pills. Therefore it is not recommended to stop taking Gasex after a significant improvement of the digestion and a decreased bloating.


In what dose is Gasex used?

Gasex is recommended during:


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  • Dyspepsia (bloating, heaviness in the stomach after eating)
  • Indigestion of food
  • Stress and pain in the abdomen, due to excessive gas
  • Prevention of gastrointestinal diseases caused by irregular or inadequate food intake.



A dose is similar for all patients regardless of the purpose of the drug use. In order to improve the functions of the digestion system, it is necessary to take 1-2 pills of Gasex once per day. It is better to take the medicine in 30 minutes after meals (breakfast) with a glass of warm water.


If you do not see the improvement of the gastric work within 2 weeks, it is recommended to take the medicine more often (1-2 pills of Gasex 2 times per day). The second time of the use of the pills should be in the evening, after supper.



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  • Before the treatment it is necessary to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to the active ingredients of the drug. Read the chemical compound of the drug. If you have an allergy to one of the ingredients (Prativisha, Cowrie bhasma, Shankha bhasma, Maricha,Vidanga, Triphala, Sunthi), do not take this medicine
  • Pregnant women may take Gasex only after doctor’s consultation
  • If a patient has a low acidity of the gastric juice, or gastric ulcer, consult a gastrologist



Side Effects

Gasex consists of the natural ingredients, and that is why it does not cause severe side effects. The side effects appear seldom. These are usually skin rash, skin itching. Bloating or excessive gas may grow in the first 4-5 days of the treatment.


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