A crazy pace of life of the modern man can be harmful for his health and affect his erectile function. If you are not able to easily have erection or your sexual intercourse is often interrupted by lost erection, you can buy Avana and solve this problem.


What is Avana?

Avana is a medical product for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction which includes an active ingredient Avanafil. Avanafil is the most advanced medicine for the improvement of potency which has been approved by FDA in 2012. Its mechanism of the action is identical to other PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra).


Taking a single dose of Avana, a man has a natural reaction during the sexual intercourse: the vessels of the penis are dilated, the cavernous bodies are filled with blood and erection appears.


Avana provides a vascular action without causing the increased level of the male sexual hormones. Therefore, the man does not feel the increase of the sexual desire and lighter sexual arousal during the use of this medicine.


Most popular medicines for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction should be taken before the intimacy. Avana starts its action almost at once, in 10-15 minutes after the consumption of the single dose.


On the average, the stimulating effect lasts for 6 hours. Avana helps to have and maintain erection, and reduces time of the recovery between the sexual intercourses.


Directions for the use

Avana is prescribed for the erectile dysfunction caused by the neurological, vascular, psychological diseases, or erectile dysfunction caused by the use of the medical products.


Who is contraindicated to take Avana?


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    • Avana is indicated for men over 18 years only. It does not work for women
    • In case of the severe dysfunctions of kidneys/liver, cardiovascular diseases, glaucoma, Avana is contraindicated
    • Avanafil interacts with nitrates, so that hypotension and severe side effects may appear. If you take medicines which contain nitrates, Avana is contraindicated.


How to take Avana?

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    • Avana pills contain 100 mg of the active ingredient Avanafil
    • To improve erection men are recommended to take one tablet Avana 100 mg 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse
    • Old men over 60 should lower the dose of Avana by two times, up to 50 mg per day, and in case of the side effects men also take 50 mg
    • Avana 100 mg can be taken once per day
    • The consumed food does not affect the speed of the uptake of the active ingredients
    • A little of alcohol can be consumed in 20-30 minutes after the use of the tablet



Possible side effects

The side effects can appear in men who have not taken medicines before to improve potency. This group of men may have headache, redness of the face and neck, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat.


These side effects pass after 3-4 times of Avana usage.


Buy Avana online

Avana is a new medicine for the ED treatment which can be seldom met on the counters of the city pharmacies. The owners of the pharmacy chains prefer to sell expensive and popular trademarks to get more profit.


If you are tired of the standard set of medicines for the ED treatment and want to try something new, you can buy Avana online.


Avana can be bought online in any country. The shipment of the tablets of Avana online is made by the post and courier offices all over the world.


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