Avodart is prescribed men who have a prostatic benign hyperplasia. This product neutralizes a main cause of the prostatic hyperplasia and helps to restore the functions of the sexual and urinary systems.


Avodart contains an ingredient Dutasteride. This ingredient blocks a release of dihydrotestosterone and reduces its concentration in the glandular tissues. Dihydrotestosterone (an active androgenic male sexual hormone) is considered the main cause of the development of the prostatic hyperplasia.


The maximal action of Avodart is observed in 2 weeks of the treatment. A concentration of dihydrotestosterone is reduced by 70-80% till 10-14 days. As a result, an inflammatory process is decreased, urination is restored, and pain in pelvic area passes.


The antiandrogenic action of Avodart is a dose-dependent and reversible. If you stop taking the drug, there is a risk of the renewal of the prostatic hyperplasia. But it happens gradually, and reoccurring symptoms may appear in a year after the end of the treatment.


Avodart cannot completely block a production of dihydrotestosterone but it has its pluses. As this drug does not change biochemical processes in the body, it is well tolerated and does not have a side effect.


In what dose is Avodart used?

To treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, men are recommended to take a capsule of Avodart 0,5 mg every day.


Avodart 0,5 mg is used once per day, in the morning, regardless of the meals. A medical effect is kept only during the prolonged and a regular use of the pills. A minimal curse of the treatment should last for 6 months. It is better to take Avodart 0,5 mg within 9-12 months.


Recommendations for the use

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  • If you have chronic diseases of liver, take Avodart carefully. An elimination half-life of of Dutasteride slows in case of the liver dysfunction
  • Avodart does not interact with other drugs, does not have contraindications and does not cause a medical addiction during the prolonged treatment
  • Men under 18 years old and women should not take Avodart. Dutasteride may cause irreversible hormone disorders which may affect to the reproductive function of a woman
  • Before using Avodart, it is necessary to have a medical examination and make sure that a tumor is benign. The use of Avodart is ineffective in the treatment of the prostate cancer



Side effects

Every third men taking Avodart has had an ejaculation disorder. It is usually manifested in the form of the ejaculation retention or decreased amount of ejaculatory liquid. It is related to some hormonal changes and does not influence on the reproductive function.


Moreover, the use of Avodart may cause itching and pain in the breast, and temporal low libido. After the end of the therapy use, the side effects pass without a medical intervention.


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