Hoodia is a vegetable product the action of which is directed at the inhibition of hunger. The efficiency of this product has been proved during many medical tests.


Hoodia does not contains synthetic medical additive and is completely safe for a human. This product contains cactus extract which grows in Kalahari Desert at the boundary of Sought Africa and Namibia. The mechanism of the action of Hoodia consists in the stimulation of certain parts of the brain which are responsible for satiety. Hoodia contains molecules “P57” which have the same effect to the nerve cells as glucose, according to the scientists opinion.


After the use of Hoodia, the human brain gets a signal about coming glucose in the blood, so that hunger disappears. This product helps to avoid overeating, to keep energy, provides antioxidant action and helps a human to keep working efficiency during low-carb diet.


Due to Hoodia, you can control hunger and consume a low amount of calories, without discomfort and stress. Due to the negative calorie value, you can get rid of the excessive pounds and have the body you dream about, without using strong medical synthetic ingredients.


Pharmaceutical form

Hoodia is released in capsules for the oral use. Small capsules are green and have a protected cover.


How to take Hoodia?

If you have not used Hoodia, the obesity treatment should be started from the minimal dose – 1 capsule per day. The daily dose should be used in the morning, on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast. If you do not have any side effects and the treatment is successful, the daily dose can be increased.


The maximal daily dose of Hoodia is 3 capsules (in the morning, afternoon and evening). The capsules are taken before eating and with a full glass of water. It is necessary to drink a lot of clear, still water (at least 2 liters per day).



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  • Hoodia is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation because large medical studies have not been conducted, and it is unknown how Hoodia ingredients affect the fetus.
  • If you noticed that you have an allergic reaction during the use of Hoodia, the treatment should be ceased.
  • If you have arterial hypotension, acute condition of the gastric ulcer, or intolerance of some vegetable ingredients in Hoodia, this product is not recommended.



Probable side effects

Hoodia almost does not cause side effect because it does not contain synthetic medical ingredients. In seldom cases, a patient may have diarrhea, constipation, light digestion disorder, or skin rash in the first week of using Hoodia. These side effects are caused by the natural body reaction and completely pass within the first week.


How to buy Hoodia?

Hoodia may be bought in every pharmacy in the developed cities. You can even find Hoodia products on the counters of the shops. However, most production is fake. A great popularity of Hoodia has caused a development of fakes. They will not help you to lose weight, but only take all your money.


If you want to buy Hoodia from a manufacturer and be sure in 100% original production, you can order Hoodia online. Our pharmacy sells only original Hoodia which meets all international standards of quality and has passed medical tests. We provide a free medical consultation to all customers who want to buy Hoodia but do not know how to take this medicine for the weight loss correctly.


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