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Fucidin is an antibiotic of the natural origin that has been implemented into a medical practice 60 years ago. Its main active ingredient is fusidic acid. Fusidic acid acts mainly on staphylococci including strains resistant to penicillin, erythromycin, streptomycin, levomycetin, and also meningococci, streptococci, gonococci, and others. The antibacterial activity is rather broad, and therefore Fucidin may be used during different infectious skin diseases.


But there is a pathogenic microflora that is not sensitive to the action of this antibiotic. These are Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Proteus, fungi and protozoa. Therefore, it is required to find out a type of infection. To do it, take blood tests.


A mechanism of the antimicrobial action of Fucidin is related to the fast inhibition of protein synthesis on the bacterial cell on ribosome level. In case of the simultaneous use of Fucidin with glucocorticosteroids for the external use (for example, hydrocortisone), an intensive anti-inflammatory, anti-itching effect appears.


Indications for the use of Fucidin are furunculosis, acne, impetigo, purulent inflammation of the sweat glands or hydradenitis, purulent inflammation of the hair follicles.


In what dose is Fucidin used?

Fucidin antibiotic is released in the form of cream/ointment for the external application. Cream or ointment is applied to the affected part of the skin 3-4 times per day. The treatment is continued within one-two weeks depending on a disease severity.


Using gauze bandage, the frequency of the application may be reduced up to 1-2 times per day.


Before applying Fucidin on the skin, it is necessary to clean and dry it.



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  • Fucidin is not used during fungal affections of the skin
  • If severe renal failure, the use of the drug is not recommended
  • Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers do not apply Fucidin on broad parts of the skin. the drug is applied to small parts of the skin for a short period. This way, the active ingredients are not accumulated in the blood and do not influence on the development of fetus or health of a pregnant woman.



Side Effects

According to the data of the medical studies and reviews of patients, Fucidin has some side effects that are light. These symptoms are often related to the local allergic reactions in the places of the drug application: itching and redness of the skin, dry skin, light edema, and contact dermatitis.


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