The neurological disorders can cause slowing and worsening of the cognitive functions. The absence of the timely treatment of the neurological diseases can lead to serious complications including Alzheimer’s disease. In order to stop the progressing of these diseases and keep the functions of the brain, patients are prescribed Reminyl.


What is Reminyl?

Reminyl is a medical product of the new generation which is used for the treatment of many neurological diseases. It has an active ingredient Galantamine. Reminyl causes a reversible inhibition of acetyl cholinesterase and prevents breaking of acetylcholine in the body.


Acetylcholine plays an important role in the brain function because it transfers and moves the nerve impulses from the brain through the central nervous system. During the decreased level of this ingredient, patients have neurological disorders which prevent a normal work of the brain and CNS.


Reminyl enhances a cognitive function and restores a normal work of the central nervous system. Using this drug improves a long-term memory, reduces apathy and irritation, stabilizes emotional and mental state, and restores an ability to restore good information.


Indications for the use

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  • Cerebral palsy
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Residual effects after stroke, meningitis or other brain damage
  • Spinal and neural muscular atrophy
  • Neuritis



In what dose should be Reminyl used?


Reminyl should be used in the minimal daily dose at first, and then the dose is gradually increased to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect.


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  • The tablet of Reminyl is taken 2 times per day, during meals.
  • The initial dose of Reminyl is 4 mg 2 times per day for adults.
  • In 4 weeks, it is allowed to enhance the daily dose of Reminyl by two times and 8 mg is used 2 times per day.
  • The maximal daily dose of Reminyl is 24 mg per day (12 mg in the morning and 12 mg in the evening).



The treatment is continued up to the appearance of the signs of the medical improvement of the neurological disease symptoms. If the efficiency of monotherapy of Reminyl is weak, the additional products may be used under the doctor’s supervision.


Patients with diseases of liver or kidneys should be prescribed an individual dosage regimen.



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  • Reminyl is contraindicated pregnant women, children under 16 years old, and during allergy to Galantamine.
  • Reminyl can interact with beta-adrenoreceptors, cholinergic agents, and other medical products. If you take any drugs, it is necessary to consult a doctor.



Using Reminyl in high doses can cause side effects: indigestion, headache, disturbed sleep rhythm, diarrhea, and weakness. During intense side effects, the dose of Reminyl is lowered and the changes are controlled.


Where to buy Reminyl?

Reminyl has a strong action to the brain and central nervous system, and that is why this medicine should be used by the doctor’s recommendation only. If you doctor prescribed you a prescription of Reminyl, you can buy this drug in the pharmacies of the city but you will be probably offered an expensive brand Reminyl.


If you want to buy cheap Reminyl but the cities of the pharmacy sell only expensive brand, you can order cheap Reminyl online. You will buy cheap Reminyl without prescription in the online pharmacy but only if you have already taken this drug and know the dose.


The online pharmacy works 24/7, and that is why you can buy Reminyl at any time, in any country.