Prednisone successfully copes with inflammatory and allergic processes in the body. It is a hormone medicine which is effective in the treatment of many diseases.


Prednisone is a glucocorticosteroid medicine. This is a synthetic analogue of hormone of the adrenal cortex which has therapeutic characteristics of the natural hormones of human. Prednisone can regulate metabolic processes in the body, restore affected tissues, regulate the process of metabolism of glucose and inhibit the inflammatory and allergic processes.


Prednisone provides a general systemic action to the body. It does not act to certain area or as to any pathological process. In the body, the active ingredients of the glucocortiosteroid medicine are spread through the tissues, liquids, and organs, and start medical processes.


Glucocorticosteroids are used when the common non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicines, anti-allergic drugs, and antibiotics do not give positive result. Prednisone is able to restore important processes within a short time but it has many side effects.


Directions for the use of Prednisone

Prednisone is effective in the treatment of many pathologies: rheumatism, hepatitis, leukemia, anemia, eczema, acute pancreatitis, hepatic encephalopathy, asthma, psoriasis, dermatitis, alopecia, acute adrenal insufficiency and others.


Who is contraindicated to take Prednisone?

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    • Prednisone is not recommended during ulcer of stomach and duodenum because it can cause bleedings in the ulcers
    • If arterial hypertension, diabetes, Prednisone is contraindicated. This medicine increases the sugar level in the blood and retains the liquid in the body
    • In case of the active form of tuberculosis, Prednisone is contraindicated



If you have any chronic diseases, inform your doctor before buying Prednisone.


How to take Prednisone?

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    • Prednisone is taken from the high doses of 20-30 mg per day
    • If therapeutic effect appears, the dose of Prednisone is gradually decreased up to 10-15 mg per day
    • The treatment is continued till the disease symptoms will be defeated.



Children are prescribed the dose by the qualified doctor. The standard scheme of Prednisone dose for children is 0,3-0,6 mg per 1 kg of the body weight.


If the single use of the daily dose of Prednisone causes side effects, the daily dose should be divided into 3-4 uses.


Probable side effects

Using Prednisone, you should be ready for the side effects: increased calcium excretion from the body, high sweating, nervousness, disorientation, indigestion, weakness, and increased intraocular pressure.


The proper dosage lowers the probability of the side effects and their intensity. In case of the severe side effects, a prompt reaction and lowering of the daily dose of Prednisone is needed.


Buy Prednisone online

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