If you notice that your erection becomes weak during the sexual intercourse, you will return a strong and healthy erection for several hours with the help of Zenegra. You can buy Zenegra without leaving your house, and order the shipment of pills in the online pharmacy.


What is Zenegra?

Drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction on the basis of Sildenafil citrate differ by their intense pharmacological action. Zenegra contains sildenafil and is cheaper analogue of the popular Viagra.


Zenegra is prescribed men over 18 years during the pathologic absence of the erection or weak erection during the sexual intercourse. This medicine will help to quickly restore erection and increase the number of the sexual intercourses.


Sildenafil activates natural biological processes happening during the sexual arousal. It dilates the blood vessels in the penis and enhances the blood flow to the cavernous bodies during the sexual stimulation. This helps the man to have a strong erection and keep it during the sexual intercourse.


Even if you do not have difficulties with erection, but penis is soft during the sexual intercourse, Zenegra will help you to get rid of this common problem.


In what dose is Zenegra used?

The standard therapeutic practice of the treatment and prevention of the erectile dysfunction offers the use of Zenegra 100 mg one hour before the sexual intercourse.


The tablet of Zenegra 100 mg should be entirely used with a glass of water, on an empty stomach. Food can slow down the process of the uptake of the active ingredients from the intestine, and therefore if you want to have a fast result, avoid consumption of the fatty food.


The maximal duration of the action of the single dose of Zenegra 100 mg is 4 hours. The medicine is taken with the interval of 20-24 hours. Using two or more tablets within 24 hours, the side effects can occur.


Side effects of Zenegra

The man can experience light negative body reaction to the action of Sildenafil at the initial stage of the erectile dysfunction treatment:


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    • Headache
    • Digestion disturbance
    • Redness of face, neck
    • Pain in back


After 3-4 times of taking Zenegra 100 mg, the side effects will be weak and completely disappear. In order to avoid severe side effects, follow the dosage regimen.


Recommendations for the use

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    • Taking Zenegra for the first time, the man should make sure that he does not have allergy to sildenafil
    • If the man has diseases of the cardiovascular system, consult a cardiologist who will prescribe an individual scheme of the erectile dysfunction treatment before buying Zenegra
    • Zenegra does not cause addiction, and therefore the increase of the daily dose is not needed during the prolong use
    • If you are going to take sildenafil, do not consume alcohol or drugs containing organic nitrates


Where to buy Zenegra?

If you do not have contraindications for the use of Zenegra and you want to improve the quality of the intimacy, you can buy Zenegra in online pharmacy.


Buying Zenegra online, you have an opportunity to get a free consultation of the professional pharmacist, select a pack with any number of the tablets and order the shipment of Zenegra without prescription to any city of the world.


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