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Finpecia is the Indian analogue of Propecia from a pharmaceutical company Cipla. This medicine contains Finasteride that is the best product for the treatment of alopecia in men.


If you noticed an intensive hair low, it is necessary to see a doctor and have a medical examination. There are several types of alopecia but Finpecia is effective only during androgenetic alopecia. If the results of the medical examination have confirmed a hormonal origin of the hair loss, you may buy Finpecia and will have beautiful and healthy hair in a year.


An androgenic alopecia happens because of the excessive concentration of dihydrotestosterone and a reduced level of testosterone. Finpecia blocks the work of an enzyme of 5-alpha reductase that turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. During a regular use of Finpecia within 2 weeks, a concentration of dihydrotestosterone drops by 80-94%. In case of the excessive dihydrotestosterone, hair follicles die but if the concentration of this ingredient is reduced, they work normally, and hair grows in men.


The use of Finpecia restores hair on the areas of the alopecia, and strengthens hair and makes it thicker and stronger.


In what dose is Finpecia used?

All men are prescribed one daily dose of Finpecia 1 mg regardless of the severity of the androgenetic alopecia. You should take Finpecia 1 mg every day, in the morning after meals. It is very important to take the pills entirely without chewing them. If the coat of the pills is broken, the bioavailability of Finasteride is reduced.


An effective action of every dose lasts for more than 24 hours, and therefore do not skip a daily dose of Finpecia. Do not expect the fast results. The efficiency of the treatment may be estimated in 3 months. Hair loss is stopped in this period and it will be clear whether the treatment is effective. In order to restore hair growth, Finpecia should be used for 6 months.


A long-term treatment does not cause an addiction, and therefore you may take the medicines as long as it is required for the improvement of the quality of your hair.



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  • Women of the reproductive age must not take Finpecia. There is data that Finasteride is easily absorbed into the blood even through the skin, and therefore women should not even touch the pills. If these recommendations are neglected, female hormone disorders may happen
  • Finpecia is not prescribed men under 18 years old because their hormone balance is not formed yet, and alopecia is caused by other causes in 99% of cases



Side effects

A changed level of hormones may be accompanied by temporal side effects during the use of Finpecia: decrease/increase of libido, insignificant reduction of potency, reduced amount of seminal liquid during ejaculation, digestion disorder, and increased fatigue.


All side effects pass within 2-4 weeks after the end of the use of Finpecia.


Buy Finpecia online

Propecia is for sale in every city pharmacy but a cost is by 2-3 times higher than the cost of Finpecia. Unfortunately, the Indian analogue is not for sale in the common pharmacies, and therefore it is easier to buy this medicine in the online pharmacy.


Finpecia online may be bought from any country. The proved courier services will deliver your package right to your house. Buying Finpecia online you are guaranteed 100% anonymity.