You may buy Finax in online pharmacy. Even if you have never used this medicine but you want to order it without prescription, please read the instructions for the use.



Finax is an antiandrogenic product that effectively stops a hair loss in men. This product is prescribed men only, and it is not used in the treatment of the female alopecia. It contains Finasteride.


An oversupply of the male sexual hormone dihydrotestosterone leads to hair loss. An accumulation of this hormone in hair follicles leads to their destruction, so that an active phase of alopecia begins. None cream, shampoo and ointments can stop this hair loss because they do not remove a cause. Finax acts on a cause of the androgenetic alopecia and blocks a transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.


In 3 months of the use of Finax, a concentration of dihydrotestosterone is reduced by 85-90% and hair loss is stopped. In 6-9 months, a hair growth and a normal function of the hair follicles is completely restored.


Using Finax, stronger and healthy hair grows on the head. The drug does not influence on the hair growth on the body. The drug is an exact copy of Propecia, but it costs by several times cheaper and is for sale in the online pharmacies without a prescription.


In what dose is Finax used?

Every pill of Finax contains 1 mg of the active ingredient Finasteride. The medical tests have proved that 1 mg of Finasteride per day will be enough in order to stop a hair loss. You should take a pill of Finax 1 mg per day and with a glass of water. Take the medicine at the same time and do not skip any dose. A fast result will be achieved only during keeping a high and stable concentration of Finasteride in the blood.


An estimation of a therapeutic activity of Finax is done in 3-4 months of the use. If there is a result, the treatment is continued within 9 months. The medicine is not used more than a year.


If the hair loss is restored in several months after the end of the therapy with Finax, a therapeutic course is restored.



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  • Finax is contraindicated women, children under 18 years old and men with intolerance of Finasteride
  • It is rather easy to find out an intolerance of Finasteride. If you have skin rash, severe itching, urticaria after the use of the pills, the treatment should be stopped
  • If you decided to buy Finax, make sure that you do not have malignant tumors in the prostatic gland



Side effects

The increase of the breast, itching, or pain in breast, low libido, decreased potency are the most common side effects appearing during the use of Finax. They appear due to the changed level of the androgenic hormones in the male body. They are not dangerous.


The side effects completely pass within 1-2 weeks.


Buy Finax online

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