Hyaluronic Acid

Remember that buying Hyaluronic acid is half the battle. The main rule is to take this product in accordance with the instruction in order to avoid complications.



Every molecule of Hyaluronic acid is able to keep 500 molecules of water. This is what you need to know about this product first of all. Due to this characteristic, the product is actively used both in medicine, and in cosmetology. You can use Hyaluronic acid as a good rejuvenator, or during serious diseases.


The human body weighing 70 kg has about 15 g of Hyaluronic acid. It can be found in saliva, synovial fluid, and other liquid substances of the body. Hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient of the synovial fluid and is responsible for its stickiness. This ingredient is also an indispensable component of the articular cartilage. A deficit of Hyaluronic acid leads to the destruction of joints.


However, the main advantage of Hyaluronic acid is a regeneration of the tissues and an improvement of the cellular nourishing. If your skin is dry and flabby, has an unhealthy look, the use of this product will help you to change its state and look young even at a senior age.


In what dose is Hyaluronic acid taken?

Hyaluronic acid is one of the ingredients which may be used without any doctor’s consultation. This ingredient is usually used as a prevention. If there is some disorder or a complex approach is required, it is better to use the services of the professional: a doctor or a beautician.


Hyaluronic acid is produced in several medical forms: capsules, solutions for the injections, and pills. An individual scheme of the use of the drug is prescribed for every case.


The injections of Hyaluronic acid are intradermally with the use of the narrow needles. The maximal dose during the adjustment of a separate section – 30 mg (1,5 ml). Even if a patient has flappy skin, or it needs more intensive action, the further injections should be implemented in the form of the separate procedures.


Pills/capsules of Hyaluronic acid should be taken daily within 1-3 months. It is enough to take 150 mg within a day. Unlike local injections, the pills act slowly but in more compound way. Therefore, they are often used in medical purposes to solve complex problems.



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  • Do not administer Hyaluronic acid injections into skin affected by the external action within the past 30 days: laser or chemical peeling
  • Do not administer injections into the inflammatory parts of the skin
  • Do not warm up skin after injections (including tanning bed), and do not overcool it till the edema after the injection is gone
  • Do not inject into the blood vessels



Side Effects

As Hyaluronic acid is an irreplaceable ingredient of our body, an overdose may be dangerous. Many side effects appear because of the overdose. The most common symptoms are hyperemia of the skin, swelling, acne, itching of the skin, pallor of the skin.


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