A digestion disorder can cause unpleasant symptoms such as heartburn, flatulency, and vomiting. These symptoms can be caused by chronic dysfunctions of the stomach or caused by the consumed food. In order to lower vomiting and discomfort in the stomach, Motilium can be bought.


What is Motilium?

Motilium is antiemetic medicine which has characteristics to lower the intensity of the dyspepsia symptoms. It has an active ingredient Domperidone.


The mechanism of the action of Motilium consists in the inhibition of the activity of the gag reflex in the brain and activation of the gastrointestinal motility. It accelerates the processes in the digestion system, improves the contraction of the stomach and duodenum, and enhances pressure in esophagus. The pharmacological action of Motilium helps to quickly lower the symptoms of dyspepsia: heartburning, vomiting, flatulency, vomiting, stomachache, and others.


The therapeutic effect quickly begins, within 15-20 minutes after the use of the single dose. It is better to take the medicine before meals, and then the unpleasant symptoms of dyspepsia can be avoided during the chronic diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract.


Motilium has a low toxicity and is well tolerated. During longstanding post-marketing studies of Domperidone, the side effects were seldom met, and in small quantity of people.


Indications for the use

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  • Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Severe nausea caused by a disorder of the digestive process
  • Severe pain in the stomach after eating
  • Heaviness and stuffed stomach after eating
  • Disorder of the motility of the gastrointestinal tract in children and adults



Motilium is also used for the symptomatic treatment of the severe chronic diseases of the GIT (gastritis, stomach ulcer, refluxe esophagitis).


Contraindications for the use

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  • Intolerance of Domperidone or other ingredients that are part of Motilium tablets
  • prolactin-secreting pituitary tumor
  • gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Children under 5 years
  • Severe hepatic dysfunction
  • electrolyte imbalance



Motilium is not prescribed with erythromycin and other inhibitors of CYP3A4 because their medical interaction can cause the side effects. In case of the severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, consult a cardiologist before using Motilium.


Usage and doses

In case of the dysfunction of the digestion system, Motilium is used before meals, with a full glass of water.

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  • Children over 12 years and adults are recommended to take 1-2 pills of Motilium 10 mg 3-4 times per day
  • The maximal daily dose of Motilium is 80 mg for adults
  • Children at the age of 5 to 12 years are recommended to take not more than one tablet of Motilium 10 mg 3-4 times per day



If the symptoms of dyspepsia appeared after the meals, 2 tablets of Motilium 10 mg can be used to improve the digestion. The length of the regular use of Motilium should not exceed 30 days. In case of the prolonged use of the tabs, the function of the gastro-intestinal tract can be lowered.


Side effects

Using Motilium can cause spontaneous symptoms: nervousness, cramps, hives, decreased or absent libido, headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, and irregular menstruation.


The side effects are temporal and reversible, and pass without any medical aid.


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