Nootropics Side Effects You Need to Be Aware Of

Improving cognitive ability through the use of smart drugs is a good thing. But there are some side effects of nootropics that you need to worry about. Note that anything that has a direct influence on neurotransmission must have some negative impact in the body. Nevertheless, these side effects are not severe unless one fails to follow the directives. Sometimes severe side effects are usually caused by relatively high dosage, or not getting the right quality of nootropics. This article outlines the nootropics side effects and what you should do to avoid them.


Beginners of nootropics usually experience dizziness when they take this particular supplement. But this does not last for long. If you get used to nootropics, you do not experience dizziness anymore.


This is another side effect of nootropics. The good news is that the headache is not severe at all. In fact, you only experience it a few minutes after taking the drug and it eventually fades away. If you get used to this supplement, you do not experience the headaches anymore.

Skin Rashes

The skin is likely to develop some rashes with time. These are not painful, although they make your skin look a bit rough. But this side effect is not very common to nootropics users.

Sleep Problems

The quality of your sleep is going to diminish if you continue using nootropics. In fact, your sleep can stay impaired after you have stopped using nootropics. If you take them for a long time, they are believed to deplete slow brain waves during sleep. In addition, stimulatory nootropics tries to force the nervous system and circadian rhythm to stay activated. This makes you wake up feeling sleepy

How to Minimize Potential Nootropics Side Effects

If you are considering using nootropics or you are already using them, the following are things you can do to minimize the possible dangers:

Make Sure Your Brain is Fully Developed

It is advisable to start taking nootropics when your brain is fully developed. In fact, some nootropics can pose more risk in such a way that they influence the brain development. If possible, wait until you are in your mid 20s before you begin using them.

Know Why You are Using Them

If you are planning to use nootropics, have a clear reason as to why you want to use them. Most people take them blindly without first doing a bit of research.

Minimize Dosage

Make sure you take the lowest dosage that gives you the cognitive effect you are craving for. Taking high dosage may be detrimental to your brain.


Always consult with your doctor before using nootropics. Still, you should avoid purchasing cheap and counterfeited nootropics since they may have adverse side effects.