Buspar is an atypical anxiolytic (tranquilizer) which has a narrow pharmacological action. It contains an active ingredient Bupropion hydrochloride. The drug does not have a sedative, antiepileptic, myorelaxing effect unlike classical anxiolytics.


The use of Buspar causes a reduced synthesis of serotonin, so that a stimulation of the receptors of the central nervous system is decreased. It helps to achieve a stable anti-anxious action. Buspar is used for the treatment of generalized anxious disorder, panic disorder, and a vegetative dystonia syndrome.


As an additional product, Buspar may be used in the treatment of depression and a syndrome of the alcohol abstinence. It has a slight antidepressive action but it helps to achieve an emotional stability faster in combination with strong antidepressants.


A therapeutic effect of Buspar develops slowly within 1-2 weeks. In 4 weeks of the regular use of the pills, a maximal therapeutic effect occurs which is kept during the further treatment.


A withdrawal syndrome and a medical addiction are not peculiar for Buspar.


In what dose is Buspar used?

There is no standard dose of Buspar because an efficiency of the dose depends on the symptoms of the disease and a general medical image.


Usually, the treatment of the anxious disorders is started from a minimal dose of Buspar 5 mg 3 times per day. The pills are used within an equal interval of 6-8 hours, regardless of the meals. A daily dose may be increased by 5 mg every 3-5 days. The highest effect is usually achieved during the use of Buspar 10 mg 3 times per day (a daily dose of 30 mg). In rare cases, the maximal dose of 60 mg per day is needed.


It is not recommended to take more than 60 mg of Buspar per day because it is dangerous for the patient’s health.



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  • Buspar is not prescribed during the use of MAO inhibitors. At least 2 weeks should pass between the use of these medicines in order to avoid a medical interaction
  • Buspar is not recommended during glaucoma, hepatic failure, pregnancy and lactation
  • Avoid alcohol consumption during the treatment
  • Be careful during the use of Buspar with other antidepressants. A decision about the combined treatment should be made by a doctor



Side effect

Using Buspar may be accompanied by the following side effects: dyspepsia, pain in chest, increased symptoms of depression, muscle weakness, dizziness, high body temperature, low appetite, and tachycardia.


The side effects may become stronger and be reduced in different periods of the treatment. Their course should be controlled, and a dose of Buspar should be adjusted if necessary.


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