The treatment of the cardiovascular diseases needs the most effective and safe medicines which will have a positive effect to the heart work and will not cause side effects. One of those medicines is Propranolol. You can buy Propranolol without prescription on the Internet with shipment to any city.


What is Propranolol?

Propranolol is a pharmacological agent of the broad action which is used for the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases. It blocks beta-adrenoreceptors in the heart, and lowers the load to the cardiac muscle. The positive effects from the use of Propranolol are:


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    • Reduced frequency of the heart beat
    • Lowered blood pressure (during the arterial hypertension)
    • Reduced myocardial contractility
    • Lowered need of myocardium in oxygen
    • Decreased irregular heartbeats
    • Reduced bleedings during labors and after surgeries



The pharmacological action of Propranolol can be used during different diseases of the cardiovascular system regardless of the patient’s age and severity of the disease. The active ingredients of the medicine quickly and easily are absorbed from the GIT, are well tolerated and do not cause severe side effects.


Directions for the use

Propranolol is prescribed during one or several diseases of the cardiovascular system which require the reduced load to the cardia muscle.


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    • Cardiac ischemia
    • Arterial hypertension
    • Arrhythmia
    • Open-angle glaucoma
    • Tachycardia
    • Unstable angina
    • Bradycardia
    • Renal hypertension


In what dose is Propranolol taken?

The daily dose of Propranolol should be divided into 3-4 times. It is medical proved that this scheme of the treatment provides a stable therapeutic effect than using Propranolol 2 times per day.


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    • The treatment begins with minimal daily dose of Propranolol 20 mg
    • To enhance therapeutic effect, the dose of Propranolol is gradually increased up to 80 mg per day
    • The maximal safe daily dose of Propranolol is 320 mg


Side effects

The use of Propranolol can cause weak side effects in the GIT and CNS: weakness, nausea, dizziness, hypotension, light tremor, and diarrhea. The side effects can be strong at the initial stage of the treatment within the first 1-2 weeks. The intensity of the side effects is gradually decreased and they completely pass.


The appearance of the severe allergic reaction can specify the incorrect dose of Propranolol or intolerance of the active ingredients. In this case, the treatment should be terminated.


Recommendations for the use

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    • Using Propranolol with hypotensive products (including diuretics), therapeutic effect can be increased, and it will cause a sudden lowering of the blood pressure
    • Hormonal drugs lower the therapeutic activity of Propranolol
    • In case of the chronic heart failure, Propranolol is contraindicated
    • Patients with bronchial asthma are contraindicated to take Propranolol because it enhances the muscles tone and can cause bronchospasms
    • In case of the severe hepatic failure, this medicine is not recommended.


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