Acne is a common cosmetic disease which often appears in teenagers. But if the activity of the oil glands is high, acne can happen at any age. To solve this problem, a medicine Differin can be used which will easily clean the skin.


Product description

Differin is a medicine for the external application which is used for the treatment of the different forms of acne. It contains the active ingredients Adapalene which is a metabolite of retinoid.


The action mechanism of Differin is based on the interaction with specific receptors of epidermal cells of the skin. It removes mature blackheads and prevents their development into the inflammatory elements – pimples; it prevents the formation of microcomedone, accelerates the process of the regeneration of the upper layers of the skin.


Differin provides an anti-inflammatory, comedolytic action and has a high level of the safety. The therapeutic effect can be seen in 2 weeks of using Differin. However, to achieve the maximal result, the treatment lasts longer.


Uses and doses

Differin is used during different forms of acne. The medicine is released in the form of cream/ointment, and that is why it is applied with thin layer to the affected areas of the skin. Differin cream is applied to the clean skin once per day, avoiding eye area and lips. It is better to apply the medicine before sleeping, so that it will be completely absorbed into the skin.


A stable improvement of the skin occurs in 3 months of the regular everyday use of Differin. As soon as the basic acne symptoms disappear, the medicine application can be stopped and a skin state can be observed. For the purposes of the prophylaxis, Differin can be used once per 3-4 months, within 1-2 weeks.


Contraindications for the use

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  • Individual intolerance of the active ingredients of Differin
  • Pregnancy
  • The exacerbation of dermatitis/eczema
  • Children under 12 years



Medical interaction

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  • Avoid cosmetic products which provide drying or irritating action to the skin during the use of Differin
  • Differin can be used with other drugs of the systemic action to treat acne. As cream is applied to the skin, it does not interact with systemic drugs.



Side effects

If Differin accidentally reached mucosa of eyes, mouth, or nose, a severe burning can happen, and that is why rinse these places with water.


The side effects of Differin can happen in the first week of the cream application. These are mainly common side effects: dry skin, irritation of the skin, or burning. Patients seldom experience irritation of the eyelids, itching of eyelids.


If severe side effects appear, it is necessary to stop the use of the medicine, and then continue the treatment after the disappearance of the side effects.


Buy Differin online

Differin cream can be bought on the Internet, without leaving the house. The city pharmacies sell this medicine at the high cost because the owners of the pharmacies try to get profit on the popular product.


In the online pharmacy, Differin is for sale at the cost of a manufacturer, without great price markups. Cheap Differin online without prescription is available to everybody, regardless of the income level.


Before buying Differin online, read the instructions and contraindications for the use. If you have questions, you can contact a pharmacist of the online pharmacy who will inform you how to apply Differin without prescription.