If high lactogenic hormone level was detected in the blood, it is necessary to restore a hormone balance as soon as possible. To reduce the lactogenic hormone level Dostinex can be used which may be bought in the online pharmacy, without doctor’s prescription.


What is Dostinex?

Dostinex is a brand name of Cabergoline which is used in the medical practice to regulate the level of the lactogenic hormone in the body of men and women. The mechanism of the pharmacological action of Dostinex is conditioned by the stimulation of dopamine receptors, so that a secretion of prolactin is inhibited in the prepituitary gland.


After the use of a therapeutic dose of Dostinex, the decrease of prolactin is observed in 3 hours and kept within 7-21 days. Cabergoline has a selective action due to which it does not affect the basal secretion of other hormones of pituitary gland and cortisol. The therapeutic effect depends on a dose of Dostinex, and therefore it is possible to regulate the intensity of the decrease of prolactin secretion by changing the dose.


Indications for the use

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  • Pathologies caused by the high prolactin level: amenorrhea, lack of ovulation, galactorrhea
  • Reduced libido and erectile dysfunction in men
  • Pituitary adenoma caused by the stimulation of prolactin
  • Prevention/inhibition of postpartum lactation



In what dose should be Dostinex used?

Dostinex provides a prolonged action, and therefore the medicine is not used every day.


The standard scheme of the Dostinex administration is 0,5 mg of Dostinex once per 5 days for men with high level of prolactin. The dose can be increased by 0,5 mg every week, controlling the pharmacological action of the drug. The maximal dose of Dostinex for men is 2 g per week.


Women are prescribed Dostinex individually depending on the directions for the use:


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  • To prevent lactation, it is recommended to take Dostinex 1 mg the next day after labour
  • To inhibit physiological lactation, it is recommended to take Dostinex 0,25 mg 2 times per day within 2 days
  • During pathologies caused by the high level of prolactin, 0,5 mg of Dostinex is prescribed per week, till the improvement of the disease symptoms.



Probable side effects

The side effects appear mainly within the first 2 weeks of therapy, and in most cases, they disappear during the treatment or in several days after cessation of Dostinex.


Patients often face the following side effects during the use of the drug: rapid heart beat, low blood pressure, headache, high fatigue, sleepiness, nausea, nasal bleeding, and flushes.


Men seldom have side effects and tolerate Dostinex better than women.


Special indications

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  • Before using Dostinex it is necessary to examine the functions of the pituitary gland and detect possible disorders
  • During severe cardiovascular diseases, the use of Dostinex can be contraindicated, or the daily dose should be decreased
  • The use of Dostinex causes sleepiness, and therefore it is necessary to be careful during the treatment
  • Patients under 16 years old are contraindicated to take Dostinex
  • If mental disorders, gastric ulcers, renal failure, the therapy should be under the doctor’s supervision, according to the individual scheme.



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