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Erythromycin is an antimicrobial product that has made a start for the most modern group of the antibiotics – macrolides. This is a product with a broad action and new possibilities. It has a rather stable action as to many pathogenic microorganisms. A special action helps to achieve it. In low and middle doses, Erythromycin provides a bacteriostatic action: the drug stops the growth and splitting of bacteria destructing synthesis of protein in the cells. In high doses, this antibiotic provides a bactericidal action, completely destructs the cells of microorganisms starting from the cellular wall, so that the pathogenic microflora dies.


Erythromycin is very effective in the treatment of the infections of the gastro-intestinal tract and abdominal cavity, organs of the respiratory system, ear, throat, nose, and also during the prophylaxis of the infectious processes during diagnostic and surgical procedures.


This drug is especially used during the treatment of the urinary system infections, and sexually-transmitted diseases.


In what dose is Erythromycin used?

Erythromycin is produced in the pills for the oral use. A dosing regimen may vary depending on a patient’s age and severity level of the infection but the treatment is always started from the minimal effective dose.


A starting dose of Erythromycin is 250-500 mg per day for adults and teenagers over 14 years old. Then, a dose may be increased up to 1-2 g per day. The interval between the use of the pills should be for at least 6 hours.


Children under 14 years old are prescribed a dose according to the body weight: 30-50 mg per 1 kg of the body weight per day. A daily dose is also divided into 2-4 times.


The Erythromycin pills are well digested in the gastro-intestinal tract and provide a high bioavailability in the blood plasma. But in order to achieve the maximal effect, it is necessary to stick to some recommendations:


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  • The pills may be taken with clear water only
  • The medicine should be used between meals
  • Do not take the pills with milk or dairy foods
  • Do not take Erythromycin with products increasing the acidity of the gastric acid because they reduce the antibacterial activity of the drug




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  • Erythromycin may be used by children at the age of over 6 months
  • Pregnant women should not use this antibiotic for the treatment of the infectious processes
  • Erythromycin increases the action of ethanol, and this may cause an intoxication. Therefore, do not consume alcohol during the treatment
  • If a patient has the symptoms of arrhythmia, poor hearing, severe diseases of liver, kidneys, or cardiovascular system, the use of the antibiotic may be only after doctor’s consultation



Side effects

Erythromycin is one of the antibiotics that will not cause negative symptoms, if you take it strictly in accordance with the instruction. In rare cases, the use of the drug may be accompanied by nausea, stomachache, or diarrhea. Buzzing in ears is another negative symptom that passes after the end of the therapy.


Patients with intolerance of Erythromycin may have severe side effects such as skin rash, or urticaria. But in this case, the treatment should be stopped.


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