Generic for: Revatio, Viagra
Treatment of: Erectile Dysfunction
Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer: Unknown
Country of Origin: India


Mygra 120 mg is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. This mediation is not popular at all. In most cases, the doses of Sildenafil citrate are in multiples of 25 or 50, making this dose of 120 mg very suspicious. In cases where sildenafil products are of the dose 120 mg, these are combination drugs. In the case of Mygra, the amount of sildenafil has been amplified. The manufacturer of this medication remains unknown, adding to the suspicious nature of this medication. All that is known of the medication is that it originates from India and that it is a generic drug.


Sildenafil citrate is mainly used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, there are other uses to this compound. Since PDE5, the enzyme present in sildenafil citrate, can be found in various tissues in the body, it can have other clinical uses. One of the other uses of this product that have been approved is the treatment of pulmonary hypertension (PAH). Sildenafil citrate works to decrease arterial blood pressure. It is also used to supplement the exercise capacity of the users.


In other cases, the active ingredient in Mygra can be used by women for pregnancy maintenance or as a fertility agent. In these cases, the sildenafil is administered intravaginally.


When used to treat erectile dysfunction, Mygra is administered orally before engaging in sexual activity. It takes about one hour for the drug to increase the flow of blood to the penis and ameliorate the failed erection function. This drug is known to work in patients who have no resistance to Sildenafil.


Customer Reviews

Mygra is shrouded in mystery as there are no online reviews for the drug. This is sad as online reviews form an integral part of a potential buyer’s opinion. A large number of people who do online shopping prefer viewing product evaluations before laying down their hard-earned money to make a purchase.


The lack of online reviews could point to the unpopular nature of the drug. It could also mean that the drug is not sold online and are only distributed locally. Products that are sold locally do not receive much recognition online. Mygra may also be trounced by other big names in the generic ED drugs market. Buyers may have ended up choosing well-known generic manufacturers and skipped Mygra as even the manufacturer is not known.


Pricing and Dosage

In addition to the 120 mg, Mygra is also available as 100 mg tablets. Sildenafil products should only be taken once a day, regardless of the dose. Sildenafil products, unlike Tadalafil, do not have a “daily dose” regimen. The effects of Sildenafil products can last for only four hours.

According to, the price of 5 tablets of Mygra 120 mg is about $19. This price is considered slightly high when comparing it to other generic medications from well-known manufacturers such as Sun Pharma and Cipla, both of which are FDA-approved. These companies offer their generic Sildenafil products for a dollar or less.


Buying Mygra online

In the case of sildenafil products, a valid prescription is required for purchase. This is the case for both brand and generic medication. To buy this medication, Indian residents can visit their local drugstores where the medication is readily available. What about international buyers? Those outside India looking to buy Mygra can only do so through online channels such as, an online store operating from Russia.


How to use Mygra

Sildenafil products take about an hour to start working, and the effect can last for about four hours. This drug should, therefore, be taken about an hour before sexual activity so as to maximize the benefits. When taking any Sildenafil product, avoid the use of alcohol as it reduces the efficacy of the drug.


When using the drug, proper planning is required as only one dose a day is recommended. Taking more than one dose increases the risk of adverse side effects.


Side effects of Mygra

Some of the side effects reported while taking this medication include changes in vision, headaches and flushing/vasodilation. Even though these side effects are not normal, they are also not very serious for the user. It is recommended to understand the risks and side effects before taking any medication.