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Flomax is an adjunct medicine in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. It contains Tamsulosin. This ingredient does not influence on the dynamics growth of the tissues of the smooth muscle and epithelial cells in the transition zone of the prostatic gland. The main task of the drug is to restore a normal outflow of urine and reduce the symptoms of dysuric disorders related to the benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Flomax rather easily copes with its task. It reduces a tone of the smooth muscle of the prostatic gland, neck of the urinary bladder, and prostatic part of the urethra. Due to this, lumen of urethra is increased, and the physiological processes are restored.


Moreover, Tamsulosin is actively used for prostatitis. It reduces symptomatic manifestations of the irritation and obstruction that are related to the increase of the sizes of the prostatic gland.


After a regular use of the drug, a therapeutic action occurs in two weeks after the started treatment. At first, the relief of the symptoms will be minimal, but due to the growing of the effect, a complete recovery of the physiological process of urination will happen without pain, frequent desires to urinate and burning.


In what dose is Flomax used?

A daily dose of Flomax is 400 mg in the treatment of the symptoms of the benign prostatic hyperplasia. The capsules should be used orally, in the morning (after breakfast) and be taken with some water.


Flomax 400 mg is the maximal dose that may be used within a day. It is better to take the capsules at the same time in order to achieve the maximally stable effect. The treatment takes a long time, till the complete improvement of the disease symptoms. As Flomax is used as an adjunct medicine, it is obligatory to use the antitumor/anti-inflammatory products prescribed by your doctor during the therapy.



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  • You should not take Flomax if you are under 18 years old
  • This medicine is prescribed men only. Women are not recommended to take it
  • In case of the serious dysfunctions of liver or kidneys, a dose of Flomax should be reduced, or the treatment is completely stopped. A decision is made on the basis of the medical examination



Side effects

The common side effects of Flomax are related to the work of the urinary system and gastro-intestinal tract. These are low libido, priapism, poor erection, and dyspeptic disorders.


The side effects are reduced after the end of the capsule use, and therefore the treatment is not terminated.


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