Cipro is an antibacterial drug which is active in the treatment of more than 70 types of the infection originators. Its action is spread to infections of lungs, bronchi, respiratory tract, kidneys, genitals, skin, soft tissues, stomach and duodenum, ear infections and others.


Cipro contains Ciprofloxacin which provides a bactericidal action as to the originators of infection. In case of the increased activity of bacteria, Cipro fins their site and begins to destruct ingredients of the cellular wall. The membrane of the bacteria cells is gradually destructed and they die.


Cipro may be used in the treatment and prevention of the infectious diseases in patient with oncological diseases, oncological diseases, lowered immune status, and also after surgeries. The antibiotics does not influence on the healthy microflora and selectively acts only to the morbific bacteria.


In what dose is Cipro used?

The pills of Cipro should be orally used without chewing the pills, and with a glass of water. The concentration of Ciprofloxacin is increased in the blood, if the pills are used on an empty stomach.


In case of the infections of moderate severity, the pills of Cipro 500 mg should be used every 12 hours within 7-12 days. In case of the intact gonorrhea, it is enough to take Cipro 500 mg once.


If severe infectious diseases (meningitis, gonococcal infections, osteomyelitis, and others), it is necessary to increase the dose and take a pill of Cipro 750 mg every 12 hours within 1-2 months depending on the disease severity.



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  • Patients who have a dysfunction of kidneys should take Cipro in the lowered dose of 250 mg 2 times per day
  • In case of exceeding the daily dose, a risk of the formation of kidney stones is increased, and a beneficial microflora is inhibited
  • Using Cipro for more than 10 days, it is necessary to increase a daily consumption of water up to 2,5-3 liters
  • Patients with epilepsy, organic affections of the brain, disorder of the cerebral circulation are not recommended to take Cipro
  • Cipro is not prescribed patients under 18 years old who still have a formation of skeletal system. The use of Cipro by children may cause a dysfunction in the formation of the bone tissue



Side effects

After the peroral use of Cipro, the following side effects may appear: dry mouth, thirst, low appetite, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and fatigue. The side effects usually appear in the first 2-3 days after beginning the treatment, and then they pass.


A severe side effect of Cipro to the body has not been detected during the medical studies.


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Cipro has been approved by FDA for the treatment of the infectious diseases in 2004. The antibiotic has been one of the most popular in the treatment of the different inflammatory and infectious processes for more than 10 years. Cipro is for sale in every pharmacy but you will need a prescription of a doctor. If you go to the pharmacy without prescription, you will be sold Cipro.


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