Levitra Plus


There is nothing wrong with periodical problems with the erectile function in men. The modern medicine can effectively restore potency even during the severest forms of the impotence. A medicine Levitra Plus is a new improved formula of Vardenafil which acts faster and more effective.


What is Levitra Plus?

Levitra Plus is a medicine for the improvement of the erectile function during full or partial absence of the erection. It has the active ingredient Vardenafil.


Unlike the common pills of Levitra, Levitra Plus contains the maximal everyday dose of Vardenafil which guarantees a strong and long erection regardless of the patient’s age, severity of the erectile dysfunction, and relevant factors.


Vardenafil enhances physiological processes which occur in the body during the sexual arousal. It dilates vessels of the penis and fills the penis tissues with the blood. Due to the intense blood flow to the penis, the man has erection.


A high concentration of Vardenafil in one tablet of Levitra Plus gives faster and stronger action. After taking the tablet, it is dissolved within 10 minutes, and the action lasts up to 6-7 hours.


Directions for the use of Levitra Plus

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    • Lowered sensibility of the penis to the sexual stimulation
    • Erectile dysfunction caused by the drug administration
    • Erectile dysfunction caused by organic or psychological factors


In what dose should be Levitra Plus used?

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    • One tablet of Levitra Plus contains 400 mg of the active ingredient Vardenafil
    • This medicine can be used only by men who do not have contraindications and allergy to Vardenafil
    • Levitra Plus 400 mg should be used 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse, with a half glass of water
    • You can take Levitra Plus even after food but in this case, the action will begin in 20 minutes
    • Do not take more than one tablet of Levitra Plus 400 mg per day because it is the maximal safe dose
    • If you feel severe headache or nausea after the use of Levitra Plus, lower the dose and taken a half of the tablet


Side effects

The man can have some side effects in the first several uses of Levitra Plus: dizziness, redness of face, neck, runny nose, light headache, and feeling of fever. A temporal reduction of the dose will help to avoid the side effects or lower their intensity.


Recommendations for the use

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    • Levitra Plus 400 mg is contraindicated if you have severe chronic diseases of heart, liver, kidneys, and also individual intolerance of Vardenafil
    • Men under 18 years and women are contraindicated to take Levitra Plus
    • If you use medicines which contain nitrates, the use of Levitra Plus is postponed.
    • The simultaneous use of Levitra Plus with beverage drinks can cause an allergic reaction or vomiting


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