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Floxin is an antibacterial product that prevents a bacterial growth and is able to reduce the symptoms of severe infections. Ofloxacin is an active ingredient. The ingredient belongs to the group of fluoroquinolones of the second generation. A peculiarity of the antibiotics in this group is:


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  • An action on many pathogenic microflora
  • A bactericidal action
  • An effective inhibition of the microorganism activity that produce beta-lactamase
  • The efficiency during fast-growing atypical mycobacteria



Using Floxin completely inhibits the symptoms of infections within 7-10 days. In some cases, the treatment may be continued up to 14 days. Do not take it more than 14 days because Ofloxacin blocks a production of the protein nutritious elements in the cells of bacteria and completely destructs a cellular wall. But there are diseases when this antibiotic is not used, these are pneumonia (caused by pneumococcus), acute tonsillitis, and syphilis.


So, if you paid attention to this antibiotic for the first time, it is necessary to carefully read a list for the indications. Floxin is effective in the treatment of the following infections:


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  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Average otitis media
  • Cystitis/Urethritis
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Meningitis
  • Infections of the skin, joints, soft tissues, mucous membranes, etc.



Another important advantage of Floxin is a use by patients with low immune status. It selectively acts only on the cells of bacteria and does not affect the healthy cells of a patient.


In what dose is Floxin used?

A dose is individual depending on site and severity of infection, and sensitivity of microorganisms, patient’s health, and functions of liver and kidneys. It is better to have a medical examination. But if the results of the tests take much time, you may start taking Floxin in accordance with the standard scheme, and then it may be adjusted depending on a medical image.


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  • Adults should take Floxin in the dose of 200-400 mg per day within 7-10 days
  • Children under 18 years old are not recommended to take Floxin
  • A daily dose should be taken in the morning, in 30-60 minutes after meals
  • If the symptoms were not improved within 3-4 days, a dose may be increased up to 800 mg per day. This dose is divided into 2 times (in the morning and evening)




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  • Patients with cerebral circulation disorder should taken the antibiotic with due care
  • People with low convulsive threshold, epilepsy, severe hepatic failure are contraindicated to take Floxin
  • The use of Floxin is not recommended during pregnancy



Side effects

Floxin is fluoroquinolone and has all side effects of this group: dyspepsia, indigestion, headache, dizziness, convulsions, skin rash, and urticaria.


The side effects often appear in patients of old age and those who take Floxin for more than a week in a high dose. If the side effects appeared, it is necessary to lower a daily dose.


A physical activity should be reduced during the treatment because Ofloxacin has a negative peculiarity related to the weakening of ligaments and their break. After the end of the treatment, physical activity may be restored gradually within 2-3 weeks.


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