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Ginette-35 is a combined monophasic peroral contraceptive medicine. It contains two active ingredients – ethynyl estradiol and cyprotoerone acetate.


Ethynyl estradiol is a pharmacological analogue of estrogens which increases peripheral and central action of cyproterone on ovulation, keeps a high musoviscosity in the uterine neck. Due to the use of the drug, cycle becomes regular, painful menstruation is seldom, an intensity of bleeding is reduced. It happens by means of the inhibition of gonadotropic hormones by pituitary. According to the results of the medical studies, the efficiency of ethynyl estradiol as contraceptive is 97-99%.


Cyprotoerone acetate is an antiandrogenic ingredient that has an ability to bind to the receptors of androgens in the target-organs (oil glands, hair follicle). This ingredient blocks the activity of the androgenic hormones, so that their concentration is reduced.


Blocking androgenic receptors, Ginette-35 reduces the appearance of androgenization in women: high production of sebum, high sweating, excessive growth of hair or hair loss, gruff voice, and others. Acne is reduced, formation of new acne is prevented, and skin is improved.


In what dose is Ginette-35 used?

Ginette-35 is produced in pills for the oral use. Every pack has 21 pills for 21 days. A woman has to take a pill every day, at the same time. Do not miss the use of Ginette-35 because it may cause a decrease of the contraceptive protection and lead to unwanted pregnancy.


In 21 days of taking Ginette-35, take a break for 7 days. Menstruation begins at this period. Starting from the 8th day a new pack of Ginette-35 is started and the pills are taken within 21 days.


A contraceptive effect will be kept as long as you take the pills. And bear in mind that the effect occurs not instantly. If you have just started taking the medicine, the action will begin in 14 days. Therefore, use additional barrier protection in the first month of taking Ginette-35.



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  • If diarrhea, vomiting, intestinal absorption disorder, use of some medical products, the effect of Ginette-35 may drop. Therefore, be careful during this period
  • The use of Ginette-35 is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, diseases of liver, severe vascular disorders as a result of pancreatic diabetes, disorder of lipid metabolism, tumors of breast or uterine



Side Effects

A feeling of tension in the mammary glands, a change in body weight, headache, decreased mood, nausea, pain in the abdomen, increased blood pressure are the side effects you may face within the first month of using Ginette-35. These symptoms are caused by the changes in the body but they rather quickly pass and do not bring serious discomfort in the further treatment.


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