The increased irritation and anxiety tell about agitation of the central nervous system. In order to avoid severe consequences and long mental disorders, doctor recommend Atarax.


What is Atarax?

Atarax is a medical product of the combined action which contains hydroxyzine dihydrochloride. First of all it removes anxiety and relaxes, and second of all, this is an antihistamine product (it slows down allergic reactions).


Atarax is a tranquilizer and has an intense sedative action. It relaxes during the emotional tension, reduces groundless concerns, and has a positive effect to the brain. Atarax also lowers tension in the smooth muscles, favors a dilation of bronchi, and respiratory tracts, reduces pain.


Atarax helps patients with skin allergic symptoms. It reduces itching, rash, regulates sleep during severe allergy and even prevents a development of bronchospasm during the allergic bronchial asthma.


The therapeutic effect of the drug is developed quickly, within 20-30 minutes. Liver does metabolism, and therefore patients with liver dysfunction should adjust the dose. A half-life of the active ingredients of Atarax is about 20-24 hours.


Indications for the use

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  • Alarm status (high excitement, nervousness, motor function disorder, somatic disorders, disorders of the central nervous system)
  • Allergic diseases (urticaria, dermatitis, bronchial asthma)
  • Insomnia



Uses and dosage

The Atarax tablets are used perorally, 1-3 times per day, with a full glass of water (at least 200 ml). The dose is prescribed individually depending on the patient’s reaction to the action of the drug.


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  • To reduce anxiety, patients are recommended to take Atarax 50-100 mg per day (3 times every 8 hours)
  • To inhibit the symptoms of the allergic reaction Atarax is used in the dose of 25 mg per day, and the dose is increased up to 100 mg 3 times per day during weak efficiency of the drug



Children are prescribed an individual dosage regimen, taking in to account the body weight and age:


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  • Children at the age of 6 to 12 years are prescribed Atarax in the dose of 1-2 mg per 1 kg of the body weight
  • Children at the age of 1 to 6 years are prescribed Atarax in the dose of 1-2,5 mg per 1 kg of the body weight
  • The general daily dose is taken 3 times per day every 8 hours




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  • Atarax can slow down the speed of the psychomotor reaction and inhibit the functions of the central nervous system, and therefore using this drug it is necessary to be careful
  • If closed-angle glaucoma, benign hyperplasia of the thyroid gland, and also children under 1 year old, Atarax is contraindicated
  • Atarax is not recommended during lactation or pregnancy
  • Do not consume alcohol and drugs with sedative action during the treatment because the overdose symptom can appear



Probable side effects

Headache, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, ataxia, tremor, hypotension, dry mouth are the side effects which can appear during the high sensitivity to Atarax.


Buy Atarax online

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Atarax online can be ordered in any country. It is enough to place the order on the website of the pharmacy and pay for it with the help of the bank card. Buying Atarax online will take about 5 minutes, and you will not fill out medical forms and other papers.