Phenamax is a dietary supplement which is developed for the treatment of obesity. It is not a medical product because it does not contain synthetic ingredients. Phenamax contains only natural ingredients which improve metabolism and reduce hunger.


The main active ingredient of Phenamax is green tea extract. It has a broad action and significantly increases metabolism. Besides green tea extract, Phenamax contains Yerba Mate, Guarana, Che de Burge and Citrin. These ingredients provide a light stimulating action to the brain and prevent the development of hunger. But unlike synthetic stimulants that are synthesized in pharmaceutical laboratories, these ingredients almost do not have side effects and give a soft action.


Due to the metabolism improvement, Phenamax lowers the cholesterol level in the blood, cleans vessels, and relieves the work of the cardiovascular system. The highest efficiency of Phenamax is achieved during having a low-calorie diet and physical activity.


The efficiency of Phenamax is proved in the course of many medical studies. Following all recommendations, it is possible to lose about 5 to 15 kg of fatty tissue within 3 months of taking Phenamax.


Pharmaceutical form

Phenamax is released in capsules for oral use. One side of the capsule is blue, and another one is white. A pack of Phenamax has 60 capsules.


How to take Phenamax?

Phenamax capsules are taken 2 times per day, in the morning and afternoon. A capsule of Phenamax should be used right after awakening, on an empty stomach, before breakfast. In 20 minutes, the capsule will be completely dissolved, and one may have breakfast.


The second part of the daily dose should be taken in the afternoon, between meals. The Phenamax capsules should be taken with a full glass of water (at least 200 ml) and 2 liters of water should be consumed within a day.


Avoid fatty food and product containing fast carbs and amylum during the use of Phenamax. It is better to follow a low-carb diet but the calorie value should not be lower than 1000 kcal.



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  • Do not take more than 2 capsules of Phenamax per day because the side effects may happen during the overdose.
  • Phenamax is not recommended people under 18 years old, pregnant women, patients with mental disorders (anxiety, agitation, and others), patients with cardiovascular diseases.
  • If you decided to take Phenamax during lactation, it is necessary to cancel the breast-feeding and use a bottle feeding for a child.



Probable side effects

Phenamax consists of the natural ingredients, and therefore it does not provide a side effect to the human body. In some cases, Phenamax can cause diarrhea, digestion disorder, headache, dry mouth, nervousness, or high agitation.


The side effects usually appear within the first week of the treatment and gradually pass. If you began to take Phenamax and noticed an allergic reaction, the treatment should be terminated.


How to buy Phenamax?

Phenamax is very popular within the territory of the USA, Canada, and European countries but shops can sell fakes produced by small pharmaceutical companies. These fakes may include other ingredients which do not have a therapeutic action.


If you want to buy original Phenamax supplement from a manufacturer, you can order Phenamax online. Buying Phenamax online, you can contact a worker of the pharmacy and find out who manufacturer of this product is, and make sure that this product is original. One can buy Phenamax online in any place of the world, and the package will be received in several days with the help of the express shipment.