Tinctures and pills of Ginseng are for sale even in the traditional pharmacies. This is a plant extract and a doctor’s prescription is not required. But due to a great demand, pharmacies set extra charges for Ginseng by 3-4 times.



Ginseng is a unique medical plant having a high biological activity. An additive on the basis of the plant provides a positive action on most body functions. Bear in mind that this product is valued not for the symptomatic characteristics, but for a soft and long rejuvenation of the body cells.


Ginseng contains a lot of microelements required for the healthy body: Pectins, alkaloids, resins, vitamin C, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, peptides, essential oils, polysaccharides and others.


Do not wait for a fast action during the use of the capsules containing Ginseng. But in 1-2 months of the regular use of this product, a human will have a transformation.


Main characteristics of Ginseng:

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  • Improvement of memory and attentiveness
  • Helping during depression
  • Increase of the resistance to stress
  • Maintaining of pancreas
  • Improvement of the nutrition of the brain cells with oxygen
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system work
  • A stimulation of the bile production
  • Improvement of the reproductive system and erectile function in men
  • Regulated metabolism
  • Decrease of cholesterol level



Ginseng medical herbal product may be used for both the treatment of the chronic diseases, and for prevention, and health improvement. But remember that this is a common additive but not a medicine, and therefore if serious dysfunctions bother you, it is better to consult a doctor.


In what dose is Ginseng used?

Pills and capsules of Ginseng are taken every day, regardless of meals. A standard preventive dose for an adult person is 1 capsule/pill per day. In case of diseases, 2 capsules/pills of Ginseng may be used per day in order to accelerate the recovery of the body and improve immunity.


If erectile dysfunction, 3 capsules/pills Ginseng are used per day. In 2-3 weeks, erection will be improved and a sexual desire will be high.

A herbal medical product should be used for a long time – 2-3 months.



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  • Patients with cardiovascular diseases are prescribed Ginseng only under doctor’s supervision
  • Do not combine Ginseng with aspirin and other drugs affecting blood viscosity because it may lead to bleedings
  • The use of Ginseng is contraindicated during pregnancy, children under 12 years old, during acute mental disorders and outbreak of epilepsy, and oncological diseases



Side Effects

The side effects often appear because of the high daily dose. If several pills of Ginseng are taken for a long time, there is a risk of the following symptoms: Increased nervous excitability, sleep disturbance, increased blood pressure, and diarrhea.


Patients may have skin rash or itching in rare cases.


A daily dose is reduced in case of the appeared side effects.


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