If your bones become more fragile, ache, and have cracks and fractures every year, we recommend you to use an innovative product and buy Evista online.



Evista regulates processes of the bone resorption during postmenopause. It contains Raloxifene ingredient. This ingredient has a broad action but the main effect is aimed at the improvement of the bone tissue and a reduction of the bone fragility in women during postmenopause.


In fact, Evista is an analogue of estrogen. Due to the deficit of estrogens, an increase of the bone tissue resorption, loss of the bone ingredient and increased risk of fractures appear. The use of Evista is accompanied by the increase of the bone tissue mass. Moreover, a loss of calcium is reduced. A pharmacological action is conditioned by a specific binding to the estrogen receptors. In spite of the increase of globulins and level of some hormones, the use of Evista does not influence on enlargement of the tissues of endometrium, and breast tissues.


It has been medically proved that the use of this drug leads to the decreased frequency of the fractures of spine by 47% in women during postmenopause and who suffer osteoporosis.


Of course, a therapeutic effect of Evista may be estimated only during a long-term perspective. The positive results of the treatment may be noticed in 6 months. And the maximal effect is achieved within 2-3 years of the daily use of the pills.


In what dose is Evista used?

Every pill of Evista contains 60 mg of the active ingredient Raloxifene. The recommended dose of the drug is a pill per day, orally. The drug may be used at any time, regardless of meals.


The use of the higher doses of Evista does not give the improvement of the therapeutic effect, and therefore it is pointless to take more than a pill per day. To increase a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to increase a consumption of calcium and vitamin D3. Due to these building elements, the recovery process and improvement of the bone tissue will be faster.


Women of old age do not adjust a dose.



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  • Evista is not prescribed with drugs which contain estrogens or increase their production
  • Women of the reproductive age, during pregnancy, and breast-feeding are not recommended to take this medicine
  • Due to deep vein thrombosis, severe diseases of liver/kidneys, urine bleedings, breast cancer, or cancer of endometrium, Evista is not prescribed



Side effects

A formation of thrombi may be increased during the use of Evista. Therefore, women are often prescribed drugs that thin the blood and reduce a risk of the formation of thrombi.


The use of Evista may be also accompanied by the following side effects: painful spasms of the calves, peripheral edemas, blushes, fever, and headache. Due to the long-term treatment, the side effects have a tendency to reduce.


Buy Evista online

You can buy Evista in the city pharmacies but only by a prescription. If you cannot spend your time, it is easier to order this medicine on the Internet. A package will be sent to your address within 24 hours after placing the order. A cost of Evista online and a shipment may be paid with the help of a bank card VISA or MasterCard.