Carbozyne is one of the safest drugs for the obesity treatment. You may safely and effectively reduce an excessive weight and have a natural beauty with the help of this product.


Carbozyne has only natural ingredients which help to stop a digestion of glucose in the stomach. The ingredients in Carbozyne block the work of alpha-amylase. This ingredient is in charge of a decomposition of amylum and glycogen to maltose. In other words, the body receives sugar from carbohydrates and it is accumulated in the form of the fat deposits.


Carbozyne blocks a digestion of carbohydrates, and they are excreted intactly, through intestine. Due to the deficit of calories, the body begins using the accumulated fats to makeup an energetic balance.


Moreover, Carbozyne contains natural dietary fibers which are dissolved in the stomach and accelerate a saturation. You will be satisfied even after eating a little of food. It will help to create a negative balance of calories and begin a process of getting rid of the excessive weight.


Main characteristics of Carbozyne:


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  • No interaction with the central nervous system
  • No blocking of hunger
  • No restrictions in food and no exhausting diet
  • A regulation of the glucose level in the blood
  • An improvement of the insulin function to accelerate a processing of glucose



In what dose is Carbozyne used?

Carbozyne works when you consume carbohydrates and fats. Therefore you should take capsules of Carbozyne 10-15 minutes before meals, or during meals. If you forgot to take a capsule during meals, take it at once but in 1 hours after meals.


1 capsule of Carbozyne should be used 3 times per day. A course of the treatment should be at least 90 days. In 3 months, the prior results may be estimated and the use of Carbozyne may be continued, if necessary.


A regular use of Carbozyne and following main recommendations for the weight loss will reduce the body weight by 5-7% in 6 months.



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  • Carbozyne may be used only if you do not have allergic reactions to its ingredients
  • Carbozyne should not be used during pregnancy. It may worsen the digestion of the useful ingredients which are needed for the development of a fetus



Side effects

Carbozyne does not contain synthetic medical ingredients which may cause side effects. This is absolutely safe product which does not have side effects.


In less than 1% of cases, the use of Carbozyne causes a light discomfort in the stomach: nausea, bloating, and diarrhea. These side effects pass within 5-7 days.


Buy Carbozyne online

If you go to the pharmacy, you will be offered strong drugs for the weight loss which have many side effects. If you do not want to risk your health, go home and order Carbozyne online.


One may buy Carbozyne online in any country. Shipping is made 365 days, without any holidays. You may buy Carbozyne online in any quantity. If you decided to order several packs with capsules at once, you will receive a discount which will cover the expenses for the shipment.


Get rid of the excessive weight in a right way and without harming the body.