Dutas is a new medical product on the pharmaceutical market and contains an active ingredient Dutasteride. This ingredient is an inhibitor of alpha-5-reductase and causes more intensive production of dihydrotestosterone.


In medical practice, Dutas is used for the treatment and prevention of the benign prostatic hyperplasia. If a man has all symptoms of the intensive transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, he has to control sizes of the prostatic gland, and start taking Dutas during the first symptoms of the disease. Dutas stops a development of the benign tumor and causes a recovery of the normal outflow of urine and functions of the male reproductive system.


Dihydrotestosterone is the basic androgenic hormone which is responsible for prostatic hyperplasia. Dutas blocks synthesis of this hormone and reduces its concentration. The glandular tissue of the prostatic gland becomes smaller if the stimulating factors are absent.


In what dose is Dutas used?

To control the benign tumor, it is necessary to take Dutas for at least 6 months. The treatment usually lasts for 6 to 12 months but some men may have a long recovery of the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, there are cases when Dutas is used within 2-3 years.


To achieve a stable therapeutic effect, Dutas is used in the dose of 0,5 mg once per day. The pills may be used at any time before or after meals. Do not skip any dose of Dutas 0,5 mg. This may lower the efficiency of the pharmacological action and slow down the onset of the positive effect of the treatment.



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  • Do not take high doses of Dutas. High doses of Dutas will not improve the disease symptoms even during the intensive prostatic hyperplasia. The optimal dose 0,5 mg works better than 1 mg or more.
  • Dutas is absorbed through the skin, and therefore children and women have to avoid its active ingredients. If dutasteride comes to the body of children or women, it may cause serious hormone changes, and even affect fertility of women
  • Men under 18 years old do not take Dutas
  • Before using Dutas it is necessary to eliminate the malignant cells in the glandular tissue. The use of Dutas is prohibited during the prostate cancer



Side effect

Dutas restores natural physiological processes in the male body, and therefore it does not give side effects. In rare cases, men may have slight changes of the sexual function during the use of Dutas:


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  • Low libido
  • Ejaculation disorder
  • Temporal bad erection



These side effects appear because of the changed level of the male sexual hormone, and pass without medical intervention within 2-3 months.


Buy Dutas online

As the treatment of the benign prostatic hyperplasia needs a long period of taking Dutas, a cost of the drug is important to many men. City pharmacies may set high prices at Dutas. Extra charges are set by agent middlemen who want to get as more profit as possible. A cost of Dutas sometimes may be increased by 3-4 times in the common pharmacies.


But you may buy Dutas at a real cost of a manufacturer. You do not have to go to the next city pharmacy but you should order a medicine on the Internet. You may buy Dutas online living in any country. It is convenient for men who live in small towns or villages, and they may not go to a bog city to buy Dutas.