Emsam is a medicine for the treatment of the Parkinson’s disease. It decreases tremor and other symptoms of parkinsonism by means of the recovery of the normal balance of dopamine in the brain. It has an active ingredient Selegiline.


Emsam is a selective MAO inhibitor of type B. It has all functions of the antidepressants and helps to restore the dopamine level. It happens by means of the inhibition of metabolism of this neurotransmitter and reuptake inhibition. The increase of the dopamine level leads to the improvement of the brain work, recovery of the natural processes in the central nervous system and reduction of the extremities tremor. Emsam is even used for the treatment of the pick’s disease caused by the Alzheimer’s disease.


A one-time use of Emsam blocks up to 50% of monoaminoxidase type B in the central nervous system. The drug action is reversible and a concentration of MAO is completely restored within 14 days without the use of the additional dose of Emsam.


In what dose is Emsam used?

The tablets of Emsam 5 mg are used orally only. You should take them entirely without chewing and mixing it with food. Take the tablets with clear water. The treatment begins with Emsam 5 mg per day. It is used in 30-60 minutes after breakfast.


If the side effects are absent, the dose may be increased by two times within 1-2 weeks (up to 10 mg per day). The daily dose may be used entirely, or divided into 2 parts, and a tablet of Emsam 5 mg is used in the morning after breakfast, and a tablet of Emsam 5 mg is used in the afternoon.


In the combined use of Emsam with levodopa, a dose of the latter may be maximally lowered to achieve the required control of the disease symptoms. On the average, Emsam in the daily dose of 10 mg helps to reduce the daily dose of levodopa by 30%, and this significantly reduces a risk of the side effects.



There are contraindications when the use of Emsam is prohibited:


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  • Essential tremor
  • Stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the period of exacerbation
  • Huntington’s chorea
  • Individual intolerance of selegiline



The treatment of Emsam may be started in 5 weeks after the use of fluoxetine or another antidepressant. Do not take Emsam with tetracyclic antidepressants, serotonin or noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors.


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  • Patients during the treatment with Selegiline should avoid alcohol consumption
  • Do not take Emsam during pregnancy and lactation



Side effects

Emsam has a low toxicity and seldom gives a side effect. The side effects often happen during the combined treatment. These are dry mouth, dizziness and sleep disturbance, cardiac rhythm disturbance, temporary disorders of sexual function, active ulcer.


A medical aid is not required only if the side effects have a light form and do not cause psychological/physiological discomfort.


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