Duphalac is a safe laxative for adults and children. The main active ingredient is Lactulose. This ingredient gives a soft laxative action and has passed medical studies and approved by FDA.


Duphalac is used during constipations (including chronic), hemorrhoid to soften fecal matter, during surgeries, dysbiosis, food poisoning, and others. This is a soft laxative, and desintoxicated product which removes toxins from the gastro-intestinal tract.


The mechanism of the action of Duphalac consists in the stimulation of the contraction of the intestine. The intestinal microflora easily splits the active ingredient Lactulose into organic acid, as a result, these fat acids change the consistency of stool and accelerate processes in the intestine. It leads to the recovery to the defecation and getting rid of constipations.


Besides a stimulation of the intestine contractions, Duphalac improves the absorption of salts of calcium, phosphates, and excretes harmful ingredients from the body including ammonium ions. The absorption of the active ingredients of Duphalac is low. It is completely dissolved in the intestine, and the rest of the drug are excreted with stool. Duphalac is not observed in the systemic blood flow, and therefore this product is allowed both adults (including pregnant women), and children.


In what dose is Duphalac used?

Duphalac is produced in the form of a solution/syrup for the oral application. Syrup may be diluted with water, or taken undiluted. It is necessary to swallow a pleasant one-time dose at once, without keeping in the mouth. In case of the prescription of a one-time daily dose, it is necessary to take it at the same time during breakfast.


A dose-measuring cup should be used to dose a drug correctly. A standard dose of Duphalac is as follows to treat constipations or soften the stool:


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  • Adults over 16 years old – 15-25 ml per day
  • Children at the age of 7 to 16 years – 15 ml per day
  • Children at the age of 3 to 7 years – 10 ml per day
  • Children under 3 years old – 5 ml per day



In 3 days, a dose is usually reduced depending on the intensity of the symptoms.



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  • It is necessary to take more water within a day (at least 2 liters) in order to prevent a dehydration
  • Do not take Duphalac Duphalac if you found rectal bleedings of the unknown origin, suspected appendicitis, or impaired conductivity in the intestine
  • Patients with pancreatic diabetes should take Duphalac carefully and regularly control a level of glucose in the blood



Side effects

Using Duphalac may cause different side effects of light or moderate character. Mainly, these are the symptoms in the gastro-intestinal tract: flatulence, nausea, diarrhea, rarely muscle cramps or headaches. If severe diarrhea occurred, the treatment is cancelled.


A disorder of the water-electrolytic balance may happen due to the deficit of water during the long-term use of Duphalac.


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