High tone of the muscle fibers may cause painful muscle spasms. In order to relax the muscle tissues and reduce troublesome pain, Zanaflex may be used.


Eneral description

Zanaflex is a muscle relaxant of the new generation. It reduces the muscle tension, reduces painful spasms, provides a moderate analgesic action. Unlike muscle relaxants of the old generation, Zanaflex does not lead to the complete loss of the motion activity and does not need a prolonged administration.


Zanaflex contains an active ingredient Tizanidine. This ingredient reduces spasticity and clonic seizures, but it does not provide a direct action to skeletal muscles. The pharmacological action of Zanaflex happens by means of the stimulation of alpha-a2-adrenoceptors. In case of the stimulation of these receptors, a production of aminoacids is decreased which agitate the central nervous system and enhance the tightness of the muscle tissue.


Using Zanaflex regulates a muscle tone and the motor function is improved. This drug reduces pain in the muscle tissue but Zanaflex is ineffective as a pain-relieving product during the inflammatory processes in the joints and bones.


Side effects

The development of severe side effects of Zanaflex indicate a need to reduce the daily dose. The change of the dosage regimen and/or scheme of the treatment is not required during the weak side effects.


The most common side effects of Zanaflex are: drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, loss of coordination of movement, a slight decrease of the blood pressure.


Indications for the use

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  • Increased muscle tone with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia
  • Painful muscle spasms
  • Muscle cramps during stroke and/or after surgery.



In what dose is Zanaflex used?

In case of the increased muscle tone, patients are recommended to take Zanaflex 2 mg 3-4 times per day. If pain in the muscle tissue and muscle tone is not reduced within 3-4 days, the dose is gradually increased.


The dose of Zanaflex is usually increased up to 24 mg per day (1-2 pills of Zanaflex 4 mg 3 times per day). This is the most optimal daily dose during which the maximal muscle relaxation and reduction of the acute pain happens.


The therapy is continued till the complete reduction of the muscle tension. To increase a pain-relieving action, Zanaflex may be used with NSAIDs.


Recommendations for the use

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  • Patients with renal failure should begin the treatment from the daily dose of Zanaflex 2 mg. On the average, the general daily dose of Zanaflex should be by 50% less in patients with renal failure than in patients with the normal functioning of the kidneys to treat the muscle tension
  • Due to the possible sleepiness and muscle weakness, it is necessary to consider a prescription of the drug to people whose work is relates to the fast mental and physical reaction
  • If you are taking hypotensive drugs, their interaction with Zanaflex may cause a sudden lower the blood pressure
  • Do not consume alcohol during the use of Zanaflex
  • Zanaflex is not prescribed patients under 18 years old, women during pregnancy and lactation



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