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Fosamax is able to stop a bone resorption and reduce a risk of fractures. Alendronic acid is a main active ingredient. This ingredient is accumulated in the places of the active bone resorption and stops a pathological process.


The action happens by means of the penetration of Alendronic acid into the bone tissue and an inhibition of the activity of osteoclasts. A resorption and formation of the new bone tissue happens parallelly, and therefore a process of the bone formation is also reduced but in a less degree than the resorption, and as a result, the increase of the bone tissue happens. But if the growth of the bone tissue is not observed during the use of Fosamax, the therapy still helps to improve a bone and reduce the frequency of the fractures. The drug provides a positive influence on the quality of life in patients with osteoporosis over time.


Osteoporosis is the main cause why a doctor prescribes Fosamax. But this medicine is also used during Paget disease, prevention of bone fractures in women during menopause, hypercalcemia, and malignant tumors.


In what dose is Fosamax used?

Fosamax is produced in pills for the oral use. They are rather well digested in the intestine. But the pills should be taken with water because juice or milk reduce the level of absorption of the active ingredients.


The best time for the use of the pills is morning after breakfast. Do not lay down within 30-40 minutes after the use of the pill. A retention of the pill in one of the parts in the esophagus may irritate and form erosions.


To treat or prevent osteoporosis, Fosamax is taken in the dose of 10 mg per day. But there is another option. A manufacturer produces Fosamax in the dose of 70 mg. These pills should be taken once per week. It is more convenient if you forget to take the pills every day.


Using a pill of Fosamax 70 mg per week, the side effects do not grow. A therapeutic effect is also identical.


If Paget disease, a daily dose is 40 mg.



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  • The side effects of Fosamax grow if the pills are used with acetylsalicylic acid or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • If a patient has diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract in an acute phase (ulcers, erosions, inflammatory processes), the use of Fosamax is contraindicated
  • If a patient has calcium deficit in the body, this medicine is not prescribed. At first, a calcium deficit should be compensated, and then the pills may be used. A consumption of calcium and vitamin D3 should be increased during the treatment



Side Effects

Using Fosamax may cause pain in the bones, myalgia, arthralgia, swelling, unpleasant symptoms from the digestive tract (flatulence, diarrhea, stomachache). These side effects pass. But if a stomachache is kept or growing, go to a doctor and make sure that Fosamax does not cause ulcers and erosions. In this case, the treatment is stopped.


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