If you are tired to lose weight with the help of the exhausting diets which do not give results, it is high time to think about Xenical. This is a unique medical product which helps to effectively get rid of the excessive pounds without harming the health.


What is Xenical?

Xenical is an effective medicine for the treatment of the obesity which has a high level of the pharmacological safety. It contains the active ingredient Orlistat which partially blocks the uptake of fats.


Unlike medicines which block a feeling of hunger, Xenical does not influence on the work of the central nervous system and does not cause severe side effects. The mechanism of the action of Xenical consists in the partial blocking of the fat uptake which come to the human body with food. This way, a calorie deficit is made, and the body begins to split the accumulated fatty tissue.


The scheme of the weight loss with the help of Xenical is very similar to the standard diet but the difference is a complete nutrition and a weight loss. In case of the exhausting diets, gastritis and gastric ulcer often appear. It does not happen during the use of Xenical, and therefore this way of the weight loss is safer and more effective.


Directions for the use

Xenical is used during obesity of the middle severity when the body mass index is higher than 30. If the body mass index is more than 35-40, the medicine is taken in combination with other medical products and with surgical procedures, if needed.


In what dose is Xenical used?

As Orlistat blocks the uptake of fats, Xenical should be taken 3 times per day, during meals.


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    • A single dose of Xenical is 120 mg. The tablet is taken with a half glass of water
    • If food does not contain animal or vegetable fats (pure protein with cellulose), the use of Xenical can be skipped
    • It is pointless to take more than 3 tablets of Xenical 120 mg because more intense fat0burning during the consumption of the high doses does not happen.
    • Xenical can be used by patients over 16 years old


Side effects

The side effects of Xenical can appear in the first week of the treatment. As a rule, these side effects are related to the pharmacological action of the medicine: diarrhea, nausea, stomachache, flatulency, oily discharges from straight intestine.


The correct division of the daily fat consumption and observance of the dosage regimen will help to avoid the appearance of the side effects or to reduce their intensity.


Recommendations for the use

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    • To enhance therapeutic effect and more intense weight loss, it is recommended to follow a low-calorie (but not exhausting) diet and increase physical activity
    • In case of the disorder of bile in the intestine, Xenical is contraindicated
    • The length of the effective therapeutic course should be at least 6 months
    • Orlistat does not reach a systemic blood flow of the human, and therefore it does not cause systemic side effects in the CNS and other organs.


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