The absence of the quality sleep has a negative influence on your energy, peace of mind, productivity and health. Insomnia is a very common thing in the modern society. If you know what insomnia is and often have problems with falling asleep, Imovane will help you.


What is Imovane?

Imovane is a brand name of Zopiclone which is a good sleeping medicine. It has sedative, tranquilizing, anticonvulsive, and myorelaxing action.


The mechanism of the action consists in the stimulation of the benzodiazepine receptors which slow down a transfer of the nerve agitation and provide a calming effect to the central nervous system. The use of Imovane calms down and relaxes a human due to which, a natural desire to sleep and take a rest appears. The medicine can lower time before falling asleep and frequency of the night and early awakenings. A general quality of sleep is improved, and awakening becomes lighter, and a human does not feel fatigue and lack of energy.


Imovane helps to fall asleep easier as well as to rest while sleeping, so that the human fulfills the energy. The main peculiarity of Imovane is its high safety and a mild action. It does not cause a sudden sleepiness. The effect develops gradually. At first, the human experiences a complete relaxation including muscle one, and then sleepiness appears.


Directions for the use

Imovane is prescribed for the treatment of the transient, situational, and chronic insomnia in adults. This medicine can be used to improve sleep quality, and complete rest at night during physical or mental overfatigue.


Contraindications for the use

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  • Hypersensitivity to zopiclone or any other ingredients of the drug.
  • myasthenia gravis
  • Severe respiratory failure.
  • Severe liver failure (acute and chronic)
  • sleep apnea syndrome.
  • galactose intolerance



Imovane is not prescribed patients under 18 years because the safety of the pharmacological safety of Zopiclone in children has not been detected.


Uses and doses

A medical course with Imovane should be short. In case of the prolonged use of the tablets, a risk of the side effects is high. Imovane is taken before going to bed, 25-30 minutes before it. The treatment begins with the minimal effective dose. Do not exceed the maximal dose.


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  • The optimal single dose is one tablet of Imovane 7,5 mg to improve the sleep quality
  • Patients over 65 years are recommended to take 3,75 mg (a half of the tablet)
  • The use of more than one tablet of Imovane 7,5 mg per day is contraindicated.



On the average, the insomnia treatment lasts for 15-20 days, however, if a sleep is completely restored in a week, the treatment can be stopped. The length of the treatment depends on the manifestations of the insomnia symptoms.


Side effects

The side effects of Imovane have an individual character and depend on the sensitivity of the patient’s body to the action of the medicine. Using Imovane, light side effects can happen: heart palpitations, dry mouth, dyspepsia, nausea, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, dizziness, and itchy skin.


If the side effects bother you, the daily dose can be lowered and a half of the tablet of Imovane 7,5 mg (3,75 mg) can be used.


Buy Imovane online

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