Benemid is a new generation drug for the treatment of gout. It contains Probenecid which excels other drugs for the gout according to the pharmacological characteristics.


Benemid lowers the level of urates (solvable sodium and potassium salts of the uric acid) and favors their release through the kidneys. An excretion of the uric acid is increased due to blocking of the reabsorption of the uric acid in the renal tubuli. The use of Benemid will reduce a deposition of salts of the uric acid and lower a risk of the development of the acute arthritis and other pathologies.


Benemid may be used in the treatment of the chronic gout (during intensive depositions of urates). This drug is actively used during hyperuricemia, the use of diuretics, antibacterial drugs (penicillin).


Benemid works even during a short-term treatment of the gout symptoms. It begins acting after the first application, and the maximal therapeutic effect occurs in 3-4 days. This drug does not have an anti-inflammatory, pain-reliving action, and therefore it does not work during acute forms of the gouty arthritis.


In what dose is Benemid used?

The treatment of the chronic gout begins with the minimal dose of Benemid 500 mg 2 times per per day. The treatment is continued within a month, and then the first control of the therapy efficiency is made. In case of the weak medical effect, the daily dose is increased and Benemid 500 mg is used 3 times per day. The maximal daily dose of Benemid is 2000 mg (a pill of Benemid 4 times per day).


If a patient does not have acute attacks of gout within 4-5 months, and a concentration of urates does not exceed the allowed level in the blood plasma, the use Benemid may be stopped.


Patients under 12 years old whose body weight does not exceed 50 mg are recommended to take Benemid in the dose of 25 mg per 1 kg pf the body weight per day. The daily dose is divided into 3-4 equal parts.


Recommendations for the use

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  • Patients over 2 years old may take Benemid
  • Do not take Benemid during the acute condition of the gout. If the acute condition of the gout started during the treatment, do not cancel the use of Benemid, this is a temporal side effect
  • In case of the urinary stone disease, diseases of the blood, the use of chemotherapeutic products, the use of Benemid is contraindicated
  • Do not take Benemid during pregnancy except cases when the life of the mother is under the threat



Side effect

The use of Benemid may cause nausea vomiting, headache, frequent urination, high body temperature, anemia, and dermatitis. In case of these side effects, the treatment is not stopped. As a rule, the side effects disappear within several days.


If an allergic reaction appeared during the use of Benemid, or the side effects became stronger, it tells about an individual intolerance of Probenecid. The treatment is terminated in this case.


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