Due to the poor production of the female sexual hormones during postmenopause, women often have osteoporosis. This is a systemic disease of the bone tissue which can cause serious complications because of the decreased bone density. In order to stop progressing of osteoporosis and improve a bone tissue, physicians recommend Actonel.


Actonel is a drug of the new generation which prevents a destruction of the bone tissue and reduces the symptoms of osteoporosis. It contains Risedronic acid which inhibits processes of the bone resorption.


A mechanism of the pharmacological action of Actonel consists in the inhibition of enzymes which take part in the destruction of the bone tissue. During the decreased level of the female sexual hormones, or due to the use of the hormonal drugs, a production of osteoclast is increased which destroys bone tissue. Actonel prevents the increase of osteoclast in the bone tissue and enhances synthesis of osteoblast (young cells of the bone).


Actonel provides a dose-dependent and reversible pharmacological action. Using this drug increases a density of the bone tissue and its biomechanism characteristics are improved. But after the use of the pills, the pharmacological action of Risedronic acid is stopped, and a probability of the development of osteoporosis is increased.


Indications for the use

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  • Treatment and prevention of osteoporosis during postmenopausal
  • Prevention of osteoporosis during the use of glucocorticoid drugs



In what dose is Actonel used?

Actonel is used once per day swallowing a whole pill and taken a full glass of water. Treating osteoporosis, patients are recommended to take a pill of Actonel 5 mg per day.


It is very important to take Actonel according to the instruction: take Actonel 5 mg only upright. Do not use horizontal position within 30 minutes after the use of Actonel 5 mg. It is required for faster dissolution of the pill in the gastro-intestinal tract. If a pill is kept in esophagus, it can cause ulcers and erosions.


Actonel 5 mg should be used in the morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast. Food influences on the uptake of the active ingredients from the gastro-intestinal tract, and that is why do not take the medicine right after meals.


Recommendations for the use

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  • Actonel do not firm your bones until enough calcium and vitamin D is used. Therefore, if you do not receive enough amount of these vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to use additives
  • Actonel is contraindicated during disorder of the mineral metabolism and hypocalcemia, and renal failure
  • Actonel is contraindicated during pregnancy
  • If gastric ulcer, gastritis or esophagitis attacked you during the treatment, consult a doctor. Maybe the further treatment will be stopped.



Side effects

A beginning of the use of Actonel may cause temporal side effects: gastralgia, abdominal pain, headache, depression, insomnia, muscle pain, and high blood pressure.


The side effects completely disappear during the prolonged use of Actonel.


Where to buy Actonel?

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