If you wonder: what can you take during the attack of urticaria, you may be recommended a modern drug for the treatment of allergy Allegra.


What is Allegra?

Allegra is a selective antihistamine drug which slows down a development of the allergic reactions. The main active ingredient is Fexofenadine which slows down the processes of exudation and a formation of edemas, removes itching and other action of urticaria.


The mechanism of the action of Allegra consists in blocking histamine receptors, so that an allergic process and an immune reaction to the action of allergen are reduced.


Allegra is an antihistamine drug of the 3d generation which can be used by children and pregnant women. It does not have an intense sedative and soporific action, does not influence on the central nervous system.


The improvement of the allergy symptoms begins in about 30 minutes after the use of a pill of Allegra, and it is possible to arrest severe urticaria symptoms in 2,5 hours. Besides the urticaria symptoms, Allegra helps to reduce other signs of the allergic reaction: sneezing, watery eyes, inflammation and redness around eyes, and narrowing of the respiratory tracts.


Indications for the use

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  • Seasonal and chronic rhinitis
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis
  • Acute/chronic urticaria
  • Pollen fever



Uses and dosage

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  • Children over 12 years old and adults are prescribed Allegra 120 mg per day
  • During severe attack of urticaria, it is possible to take the maximal dose of Allegra 180 mg per day
  • Children at the age of 6 to 11 years old are prescribed a pill of Allegra 60 mg per day



Adults may take a daily dose of Allegra with a full glass of water, one hour before meals. Children are recommended to divide the daily dose of Allegra to 2 times by 30 mg, and it should be used in the morning and evening.


The Allegra pills can be used within a long period because this drug does not cause a medical addiction, and its therapeutic activity is not reduced within time.



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  • Allegra is contraindicated children under 6 years old and women during lactation. If the drug is used during the treatment, it is better to use the bottle-feeding for a child.
  • Allegra is not contraindicated during pregnancy, however the treatment should be under the doctor’s supervision. The treatment is terminated in case of the side effect.
  • If chronic renal or hepatic failure, Allegra is used carefully
  • During the use of Allegra, do not consume alcohol and sedative drugs



Probable side effects

Using Allegra, the side effects appear in seldom cases. This is often caused by the overdose or abuse with sedative ingredients. The side effects caused by Allegra are as follows: headache, sore throat, dry mouth, and fatigue.


Buy Allegra online

In 2011, Fexofenadine was allowed for sale without prescription within the territory of the USA and many other countries. But if you go to a pharmacy, a pharmacist will probably offer you an expensive brand drug.


If you want to buy Allegra at the low cost, you can order the shipment of the pill on the Internet. The cost of Allegra is by 3-4 times lower in the online pharmacy, than in the pharmacies of the city, but the quality of these drugs is the same.


One can buy Allegra online without prescription and pay for the order without leaving the house, with the help of bank card. Buying Allegra without prescription, it is necessary to correctly indicate an address, so that a courier will deliver your order in time.