“Meldonium makes a man more enduring”, “Meldonium is prescribed for the heart problems”, “meldonium can’t be taken even under the doctor’s prescription- it is forbidden even for the sportsmen”- you can read such statements recently not only on the forums and in the news comments, but also listen in the bus, cafes and parks. It’s not surprising, as the drug scandal, caused by Meldonium, has involved almost everybody.


What is really known about Meldonium? What does the founder of meldonium insist on?


Meldonium is a metabolic drug normalizing the energy metabolism of heart and other organs. It is prescribed by cardiovascular disturbances, the changes of cardiac muscle conductivity and other disorders.


Under the conditions of increased load the drug restores the balance between the delivery and the cells oxygen requirement. It protects the cells from damage, eliminating the toxin accumulation. Using meldonium, the body can cope with the load and restore quickly.


In 2012 the referred drug was included in the list of the “Vital and the most important medicines”, and only on the 1st of January 2016 it was recognized as forbidden for the use of sportsmen: Meldonium was recognized as a dope.


It is important to mention that meldonium has a lot of “official” indications for use (especially Meldonium): it is used for the realization of complex therapy, stenocardia, myocardial infarction and chronic cardial failure; for the diagnosis of hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes and cerebrovascular failure; it is appropriate for the excessive physical exercise; it is recommendable during rehabilitation after the surgical operations; it is included to the complex of therapeutic measures, diabetic and hypertonic retinopathy; it is actively used in the work of ophthalmologists- it is prescribed to the patients suffering from thrombosis of retina central vein, acute circulatory disturbance of the eye retina and retina hemorrhage.


The sportsmen buy meldonium and use this drug for its ability to accumulate the unoxidized fatty acids in the body cells; it also promotes the regulation of body oxygen feed, activates glycolysis, improves muscle nutrition, increasing the efficiency of training and reduces the fatigue. Moreover, it can provide the additional protection of cardiac muscle by overloads. These facts caused the inclusion of Meldonium online in the list of forbidden drugs.