Influenza is a viral disease of the respiratory system which is dangerous by its complications. Influenza is hardly treated because genetic material of virus in the cytoblast in the body and the cells will synthesize new viruses. The weaken the human immune systems is, the bigger probability of the disease is. The preventive measures of influenza are the only effective methods to protect your body.


The highly effective medicine Amantadine has enough antiviral activity in order to protect the human against influenza. Amantadine can be bought in the online pharmacy without leaving the house.


What is Amantadine?

Amantadine is one of the most effective antiviral medicines on the pharmaceutical market. It has antiviral activity as to swine influenza.


Virus is quickly spread through the cells in the body. Amantadine is the most effective during the prevention of the swine influenza. It blocks the ion channels of the genetic material of virus, so that it loses an ability to penetrate inside the cytoblast. As virus cannot develop on the cellular level, it quickly dies under the action of the protective properties of the body.


In case of the use of Amantadine after the infection with swine influenza, this medicine provides some efficiency but it helps to weaken the disease symptoms and reduce the risk of the complications. As a rule, the influenza virus gives complications on lungs causing severe pneumonia. Amantadine will help to improve the body and stop the development of virus in the human body.


The efficiency of Amantadine during the prophylaxis of swine influenza is 80-90%.


Who is contraindicated to take Amantadine?

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    • Amantadine penetrates through placenta and can cause pathologic changes in the development of fetus, and therefore it is contraindicated during pregnancy
    • Women should not bread feed during the use of Amantadine because this ingredient easily penetrates into the breast milk
    • Amantadine is contraindicated children under 1 year
    • Patients with diseases of the central nervous system and epilepsy should use an individual dose and visit a doctor within the entire period of the treatment.


How to take Amantadine?

The scheme of the treatment and the dosage regimen of Amantadine depend on the epidemiologic situation in the region. During the prevention of the swine influenza, patients are recommended 200 mg Amantadine per day.


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    • If low epidemiologic situation, patients can take one single dose of Amantadine 200 mg. The medicine provides a long antiviral effect, and therefore a regular use of the tablets is not obligatory.
    • If high epidemiological situation, Amantadine 200 mg can be taken within 1-2 weeks
    • If side effects, the dose of Amantadine can be reduced up to 100 mg per day
    • Patients with chronic diseases of liver are not recommended to take more than one tablet of Amantadine 100 mg per day.


Possible side effects

The side effects of Amantadine often appear on GIT and CNS: headaches, depression, visual hallucinations, sleep disorders, tremor, nausea, constipations, and dry mouth.


A strict observance of the scheme of the treatment and dosage of Amantadine will help to avoid severe side effects.

Buy Amantadine online

The influenza epidemic makes people buy all antiviral medicines which are on the counters. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to find an effective medicine such as Amantadine in the city pharmacy.


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