Arcalion is a brand name of Sulbutiamine which has been approved by FDA to treat and prevent asthenia and chronic fatigue. This is a pharmacological analogue of thiamine (Vitamin B1) which takes part in the metabolic processes in the CNS.


Despite poor investigation of the pharmacological action of Arcalion, this is the only drug today which selectively acts to the parts of the brain responsible for the pathological changes in the CNS.


Arcalion lowers fatigue, improves memory and erectile function, increases resistance to stress, lowers sleepiness, helps to regulate sleep, and improves mental processes.


The area of using Arcalion is broad. In the medical practice. This drug is used for the treatment or prophylaxis of depression, pancreatic diabetes, asthenia, hypothyroidism, kidneys diseases, or potency disorder.


In sports medicine, Arcalion is used to enhance stamina and improve the recovery after intense physical and psychological loads.


Pharmaceutical form

Arcalion is released in the form of pills for the oral use, 200 mg. The pills are red and round, and released in packs with 60 pills.


Where to buy Arcalion?

Arcalion can be boubht in many pharmacies, but as a rule pharmacists offer more expensive analogues. In fact, the expensive analogues are not better and have similar action. If you cannot buy Arcalion in the pharmacies of your city, you can order Arcalion on the Internet.


In online pharmacy, you can buy cheap Arcalion at any time, 365 days. The most optimal option will be to buy 2 or more packs of Arcalion without prescription in order to get a discount and save on the shipment.


The shipment of Arcalion online is done all over the world, by the indicated address. A courier will deliver your package directly to the indicated address. Buying Arcalion online, you are guaranteed 100% confidentiality and the highest quality of the pills.


In what doses is Arcalion used?

The dosage regimen and length of using Arcalion depend on the individual peculiarities of a patient and medical image.


The treatment begins with a minimal daily dose of Arcalion 200 mg. If a patient did not have side effects within 4-5 days, the dose is increased. The optimal dose of Arcalion is 400-600 mg for an adult person. The pills of Arcalion 200 mg are taken 2-3 times per day regardless of the meals. The treatment is continued till the complete improvement of the disease symptoms.


Recommendations for the use

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  • Patients under 18 years old are contraindicated to take Arcalion
  • Pregnant women are not prescribed Arcalion because it is unknown whether it is harmful for fetus
  • There is some data about the safety of the daily dose of Sulbutiamine 1-2 g but the manufacturers of Arcalion do not recommend taking more than 600 mg per day because the overdose symptoms can appear during exceeding this dose. The overdose can be accompanied by serious disorders of the CNS and severe allergic reactions.



What side effects happen during the use of Arcalion?

The treatment usually goes without side effects but in some cases, patient may experience unwanted side effects such as headache, high irritation, dermatitis, and skin itching.


In case of the side effects during the use of Arcalion, lower the dose or terminate the treatment for a while.