Furosemide gives an instant result during edemas. Therefore, this medicine should be in the medicine box. One may buy Furosemide in any pharmacy but you will be offered an expensive brand Lasix.



Furosemide is an intensive diuretic product. It is used to reduce edemas caused by the heart or renal failure, liver cirrhosis and other diseases.

The drug increases natural physiological processes and makes kidneys quickly remove the excessive liquid from the body. The drug improves intrarenal blood flow and the entire work of the kidneys. It quickly leads to the reduction of load on the heart by means of the dilation of major veins. A reduction of edemas happens by means of the intensive excretion of sodium and chlorine from the body.

A therapeutic effect of Furosemide depends on a dose. The higher the dose is, a faster and stronger the diuretic effect is. The drug begins working within 20-25 minutes after the use of a therapeutic dose. An intensive liquid excretion is observed within 4-6 hours, and edemas are decreased.

A dilation of the major veins favors a reduction of the blood pressure. If the peroral use of Furosemide lowers the arterial pressure within 1-2 hours, the intravenous introduction helps to reduce a hypertonic crisis within 20-30 minutes.

Every pill works within 8 hours. The maximal effect is achieved between 2-4 hours. Then, the action drops.

In what dose is Furosemide used?

A dose of Furosemide depends on a severity of the edema syndrome and a cause of the liquid retention in the body.

  • If edemas of the middle severity, it is enough to take 20-40 mg of Furosemide
  • If edema is caused by the heart or renal failure, a one-time dose should be 40 mg or 80 mg
  • If diuresis is low, 2-3 pills may be used with the interval of 8 hours
  • To lower the arterial pressure, Furosemide is used once per day in the dose of 20 mg

The body loses excessive water and salt as well as useful electrolytes – potassium and magnesium. Therefore, patients should not take this diuretic for a long time, or should take additives containing potassium and magnesium.


  • If edema syndrome happens during the kidney diseases and urine is not produced, the use of Furosemide is contraindicated
  • If hepatic coma or significant deficit of potassium and magnesium may happen, stop taking the pills
  • Pregnant women may take Furosemide only in a minimal dose of 20 mg and for a short period – 2-4 days

Side Effects

Due to the loss of magnesium, a patient may have painful muscle spasms. The common side effects are also decrease of the blood pressure, tachycardia, lack of energy, dry mouth, and pancreatitis.

If the side effects grow during the unchanged dosing, stop taking the medicine.

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