Cozaar is a vasodilating drug which is widely used in the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases. It contains an active ingredient Losartan.


Cozaar provides a specific action and blocks receptors of angiotensin II (a hormone causing a vessel constriction). Due to this, the blood vessels are dilated, and the arterial pressure is stabilized.


But Cozaar acts not only on the blood vessels, it also provides a general therapeutic action on the cardiovascular system and has a wide pharmacological action. The main pharmacological characteristics of Cozaar are:


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  • A diuretic effect
  • A decreased concentration of uric acid in the blood
  • A decrease of the general peripheral resistance of the blood vessels
  • A lowering of the blood pressure in aorta
  • A decrease of the noradrenaline concentration
  • An increase of the tolerance of the cardiovascular system during physical activities



Cozaar is considered a medicine of the long-term action. After the application of the drug, a hypotensive effect is developed within 6 hours and achieves its maximum in about 3 weeks. Therefore, to control the functioning of the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to take Cozaar within a long time.


In what dose is Cozaar used?

A one-time therapeutic dose of Cozaar works within 24 hours regardless of the dose level. The average therapeutic dose of Cozaar is 50 mg per day to treat the blood hypertension. The pills are used once per day, in the morning, regardless of meals.


If you are taking string diuretics, a dose of Cozaar should be lower – 25 mg or 12,5 mg depending on the degree of the diuretic effect.


Patients with chronic heart failure are prescribed Cozaar in the minimal doses – 12,5-25 mg. In case of a good tolerance of the drug and an appearance of the evident therapeutic effect, a dose of Cozaar is gradually increased up to 50 mg per day.




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  • Cozaar is not prescribed women during pregnancy and lactation. If a pregnancy occurred during the use of the pills, consult a cardiologist and consider a dose reduction or a replacement of the drug
  • Patients under 18 years old are not prescribed Cozaar
  • There is no data about the safety of the use of Cozaar in patients with severe diseases of kidneys, and therefore this group of patients should take the drug carefully
  • Senior patients should not adjust the dose
  • Cozaar enhances the action of diuretics, beta-blocking agents, sympatholytics. Take this into account during the combined therapeutic courses.



Side effects

If you are taking Cozaar, you should be ready for the development of the side effects within the first two weeks. The drug is usually well tolerated but moderate reaction may happen such as dizziness, headache, sleep disorder, feeling of heartbeat, and lack of energy. The side effects pass during the prolonged use of the pills.


Buy Cozaar online

If you want to buy Cozaar online but you do not have a prescription, you may consult a pharmacist online. A pharmacist’s consultation is not obligatory. If you know how to take Cozaar without prescription, you may order it at once.


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