Dilaudid is one of the strongest painkillers it contains an active ingredient hydromorphone. A pain-relieving action of Dilaudid is by 2-3 times stronger than Morphine but the period of action is shorter, so that this medicine is seldom used to inhibit a severe pain.


According to its structure, Dilaudid is a opioid analgesic which arrests pain by means of the stimulation of the opiate receptors. At the same time a pain threshold is increased, and a motion of the pain impulses is completely blocked in the central nervous system.


Dilaudid is often used in the medical practice to arrest pain in patients with renal failure because it is more effective and safer for human than Morphine in this case. As for the rest, Dilaudid is similar to morphine and has the same side effects.


Side effects

A side effect of Dilaudid depends on a selected dose. The higher a daily dose is, the stronger the side effect will be. Patients often experience drowsiness, euphoria, loss of appetite, nausea, breathing problems during the use Dilaudid.


It is very important to select a correct dose of Dilaudid because the side effects grow during the overdose, and there is a chance of severe side effect to the cardiovascular system, a development of the heart failure and acute bronchospasm.


Indications for the use

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  • Severe pain of inflammatory, traumatic, neurological origin
  • Preventing pain during surgery or in the postoperative period.
  • Pain during cancer syndrome



In what dose is Dilaudid used?

As a pain-relieving product, Dilaudid is taken in the dose of 2-4 mg every 4 hours. In case of a good sensitivity to the action of hydromorphone, the action of the drug can last for 6 hours, and therefore the frequency of the use may be reduced. The maximal one-time dose of Dilaudid is 8 mg but it is prescribed only under doctor’s supervision.


Dilaudid may be used for a short period because the tolerance to the drug action is developed during the prolonged use and the dose should be gradually increased. Also, an opiate addiction may appear within a short period, and therefore a pain-relieving therapy should be short.


Recommendations for the use

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  • Dilaudid is strictly contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation and patients under 18 years old
  • Dilaudid is contraindicated people whose work needs a high concentration of the attention, coordination and is dangerous
  • A tolerance to Dilaudid is usually formed during the use of the pills for more than 2 weeks
  • Dilaudid is contraindicated in case of the respiratory failure, severe cardiovascular diseases and severe liver pathologies
  • Do not take Dilaudid with MAO inhibitors, drugs which enhance an influence on the central nervous system and drugs that increase the influence on the opiate receptors



Where to buy Dilaudid without prescription?

The sales of Dilaudid without prescription are prohibited all over the world. This is a very strong narcotic analgesic and its incorrect use can cause severe side effects.


If you are buying Dilaudid for the first time, it is better to go to a doctor and have individual recommendations. But if you have already used Dilaudid and know the needed daily dose, you can buy Dilaudid without prescription in the online pharmacy.


In order to buy Dilaudid without prescription online, there is no need to fill out a medical blank and contact a pharmacist. Buying Dilaudid online will take just 5 minutes. You need to select a number of pills in the pack and finish the purchase by paying for the order.


But even if you managed to buy Dilaudid without prescription in the online pharmacy, do not neglect a medical aid and bear in mind that this medicine arrest the pain symptoms but it is not able to cure of the cause of pain.