A lot of people die of the complications caused by obesity every year. An excessive body weight worsens the work of all organs, and the cardiovascular system suffers most of all. Scientists all over the world conduct studies and low for new ways of the obesity treatment. A unique medicine Orliford has been recently appeared which is able to quickly and safely lower the excessive weight.


Product description

Orliford is a medical product for the treatment of obesity which provides a specific pharmacological action. Most drugs for the obesity treatment act to the CNS and inhibit hunger. Orliford does not influence on the functions of the central nervous system and does not lower hunger. The mechanism of the action of Orliford consists in the specific inhibition of the gastro-intestinal lipases which take part in the dissolution and uptake of the fats from the GIT.


Fats coming with food are gradually absorbed in the stomach, and then in the intestine. Then, they are spread through the tissues, and the enzymes send them to the different parts. Orliford blocks enzyme which is responsible for the uptake of the fats in the stomach and intestine. As a result, all consumed fats are released unchanged. The body having lack of calories begins to spend supplies accumulated earlier, and the fatty tissue is burned to fulfil the energy.


It is medical proved that such approach to the treatment of the obesity is one of the safest because it affects only natural mechanisms happening in the gastro-intestinal tract and does not inhibit the functions of the central nervous system.


Uses and doses

Orliford is used for the treatment of the obesity with low-calorie diet and physical activities. This medicine works well as an additional ingredient for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome. Orliford should be used every day, during meals containing fats of animal or vegetable origin. A single dose of Orliford is 120 mg.


The pills of Orliford 120 mg are used before meals, so that they will act in the GIT. The standard scheme of the use of Orliford 120 mg is 3 times per day. It is pointless to take the medicine more often. If meals do not contain fats, the use of Orliford 120 mg can be skipped.


The treatment is continued for at least 3 months, and then the examination is made and the treatment results are estimated.


Contraindications for the use

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  • Children under 12 years
  • Pregnancy
  • Severe kidney disease with deposition of salt
  • Malabsorption of nutrients in the intestine



Medical interaction

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  • The active ingredients of Orliford lower the uptake of the fats as well as fat-soluble acids betacarotenum, α-tocopherol, and therefore the additional use of Vitamin A, E is required
  • Orliford slightly enhances the action of the peroral hypoglycemic products, and also improves metabolism, so that the glucose level is lowered.



Side effects

Orliford have the following side effects flatulence, oily discharge from the rectum, frequent bowel movements, stomach discomfort. These side effects can appear in the first week of the treatment. Then, if these side effects appear, it is necessary to lower the amount of the fatty meals which you consume.


Buy Orliford online

Orliford is a new product on the pharmaceutical market, and therefore it cannot be bought in all pharmacies. But if you want to try this medicine, you can buy Orliford online.


Buying Orliford online is available in any place. You just need to order the needed number of the pills Orliford online, indicate the place of the shipment, and select the way of the shipment. Orliford without prescription will be delivered within several days, and you will begin the obesity treatment.


Buying Orliford online will change your life, and you will feel that the excessive weight is a problem which should be get rid of.